Chapter 1131: 11 Imperial Zones (Part Two)

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Although her words seemed confrontational, her tone was much softer.

“First question – why is the Sea Tribe involved with Barcelona? Did the two forces establish a relationship long before?” Fei asked.

The Empress of the Sea Tribe shook her head and replied, “I’m not too sure about this. Kluivert seemed to know [God’s Son] of Barcelona before, and they planned this trap at the Sea of Fragrance. We were planning to use that kid, Luffy, and [Alexander] as baits to lure you here. Running into the Leonian fleet was a pure coincidence.”

Seeing the casual expression on this woman’s face, Fei knew that she wasn’t lying.

“Second question – where did the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance go in the last year? Why did you decide to come back now?”

“In this world, the sea area isn’t smaller than the land area. The number of forces in the sea isn’t less than the number of forces on land. There are many giant oceans and outland abysses, and the forces are countless. Based on zones, the Sea Tribe could be divided into four oceans and seven abysses, and they are occupied by nine Royal Clans of the Sea Tribe. My tribe at the Sea of Fragrance is only a weak branch force. More than a year ago, in order to avoid disasters, we traveled to other zones to seek help and help other branches of the Sea Tribe to break the seals. Also, we looked for the sea gods who were sealed in various locations…” this woman slowly told Fei everything, “However, for every branch of the Sea Tribe, roaming around represented decay. Due to different environments and customs in other sea areas, my people might not be able to adapt and would die. We can only become prosperous in our own base. After wandering around for a year, I have accumulated enough strength, so of course, I’m going to come back with my people. It is that simple.”

Fei nodded, but he was shocked to his core.

For the first time, the king learned about the division of zones and forces in the Sea Tribe.

The division of the four oceans and seven abysses was seldom mentioned in the documents of humans. Now, it seemed like the Sea of Fragrance to the entire Sea Tribe was even less significant compared to how the former Chambord Kingdom was to the human race.

Fei once thought that the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance was all there was to the Sea Tribe. Now, it seemed like he couldn’t be more wrong.

The true power of the Sea Tribe was unimaginable!

If it wasn’t for the unique body composition of the members of the Sea Tribe, making them unable to survive on land for a long time, this giant race with vicious soldiers would have wiped out all other intelligent races such as humans, elves, and dwarfs on land.

Fei suddenly thought of a question. “Is this vicious and barbaric race connected to the ‘Polluters’ in legends?”

While Fei was thinking, he showed nothing on his face, and he continued to ask, “Is the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance only appearing now to return home? Now that the laws of nature changed, and all other races appeared, don’t the Royal Clans at the four oceans and seven abysses have any ambitions?”

A mocking smile appeared on this woman’s face, and she said, “I’m only the empress of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance, a small inland sea. I’m not qualified to know such things. However, I can tell you one thing. The Sea Tribe in the 11 Imperial Zones are making moves, and internal wars have been happening in the last year. The atmosphere in the Sea Tribe is intense, and big moves will be made.”

Fei nodded and thought, “It seems like once this world became chaotic, it went to the extreme. Although this woman didn’t say much, it is clear that the Royal Clans in the 11 Imperial Zones are anxious and are trying to conspire about something.”

“Have you heard of Polluters?” Fei continued to ask.

Hearing this, this woman’s face changed color.

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