Chapter 1132: Cruelty! Plane Farm! (Part One)

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“You know about them?” From the expression that the Empress of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance had, Fei saw surprise, but more of it was fear and panic. The fear and panic came from the bottom of her heart, and they made her soul and bones tremble.

It was clear that this woman knew something.

“Human, how come you know about the Polluters? Could it be… they are already on this land?” this woman asked Fei the question in fear.

Fei stared at the eyes of this woman of the Sea Tribe, and he shook his head while he said in surprise, “So, you do know about the Polluters. Then, can you tell me who they are? Are they connected to the Sea Tribe?”

“How can they be connected to the Sea Tribe?” this empress instantly explained, “If the Sea Tribe is connected to the Polluters, the Sea Tribe wouldn’t suffer the biggest catastrophe in its history 1,000 years ago. More than 70 percent of the members of the Sea Tribe died, and many sea gods fell. The rest all sealed and banished themselves to survive through that world-ending disaster. Polluters… they are devils from another dimension! They are true devils! They spread like a plague, and there is an unlimited number of them. They are more terrifying than the Undead Creature Catastrophes. They don’t have life energy, and they aren’t afraid of death. They have no emotions, and they only know destruction and murder…”

This woman fell into a memory that made her shiver in fear, and an expression of pain appeared on her face.

For some reason, Fei sensed a suffocating and murderous presence from the words of this woman of the Sea Tribe. It seemed like a group of ghost-like eliminators rushed toward the king through this woman’s words, making him tremble in fear and desperation.

“So, the Sea Tribe disappeared 1,000 years ago also because of the Polluters. Are they like a plague from the death realm of another dimension?”

“Even the God Clan and Demon Clan along with all their affiliated races were almost wiped out by these terrifying enemies. They are from the death realm of another dimension… so, the Polluters aren’t natives of Azeroth?”

“Such description is aligned with the information documented in the bloody journal of the Emperor of the Dwarf Empire that I found in the Last Ancestral Place.”

Then, Fei asked a few more questions.

However, it was clear that this empress was afraid of the Polluters and didn’t want to talk about them.

Also, it seemed like this woman didn’t know too much about the mysterious enemies. She could only vaguely describe the catastrophe that took place 1,000 years ago, and the appearances of the Polluters sounded like vicious monsters and aliens.

“Then, where did they all go?” Fei asked.

“Where did they go? Haha! Who knows?” It seemed like this empress was stimulated by something in her memory, and her expression became wicked. She laughed hysterically and said, “To the Sea Tribe, humans are delicious meat. However, to the Polluters, all living beings are their food! They travel between different planes and worlds, and they slaughter the living beings like animals. The Azeroth Continent is like a farmland to them. 1,000 years ago, they appeared and harvested most of the living beings, leaving only some intelligent races to survive and reproduce offspring. When they think that this farmland is full and due for another harvest, they will come back.”

Such a description would give chills to anyone!

Fei shook his head and stopped asking questions. It was clear that this woman only knew this much.

The king reached out his hand, and the golden and silver chains of order that wrapped around this woman transformed back into a sword energy before dashing back into his body through his palm.

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