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Hail the King Chapter 1132.2

Chapter 1132: Cruelty! Plane Farm! (Part Two)

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“You can go now. I need the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance to not be enemies with humans. As long as we don’t attack each other, I will let your tribe survive. Otherwise, if I learn that your tribe harmed humans, I will wipe out the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance in a day.” Fei threatened with a stern expression.

It was evident that this woman was terrified of Fei, and she instantly returned to the surface of the sea. Then, she dove into the water and disappeared like a water snake.

However, a few seconds later, she re-emerged on the surface of the sea and asked with a grim expression, “Honorable Majesty of Humans, I want to ask you a question. In terms of the Polluters, did you learn about something recently?”

This woman’s tone was extremely respectful, and she looked at Fei nervously, hoping for a good answer.

Many thoughts flashed across Fei’s mind. Then, he nodded and replied with honesty, “I only know that the Polluters will be in this world soon.”

As soon as this empress heard Fei’s words, her face paled as if a prisoner on death row heard the final conviction. It just went to show how terrified she was when it came to the Polluters.

Even when this woman was captured by the golden and silver chains of order, she didn’t look this desperate.

It seemed like this woman was struggling with some thoughts. After a while, she gritted her teeth and said, “I agree to your conditions. From now on, I will strictly restrict the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance, and we will be in peace with the humans in the Northern Region of Azeroth. Human Emperor of the North, if the Polluters really descend in this world one day, I hope the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance and the humans can battle the enemies alongside each other.

After saying that, she turned around and dashed into the endless ocean.

At the same time, the countless warriors of the Sea Tribe who extended to the horizon also disappeared.

The sea became peaceful again.

Fei moved and disappeared as well.

In the next second, Fei appeared inside the grand godly realm.

As soon as Fei showed up in this place, his face paled, and his breathing became irregular.

“Damn it! Although I can now use the Scepter of Creation, and its power is insane, the amount of godly power needed to use it is too much! Now that I’m at level 8 True God Realm, I only managed to cast five golden and silver sword energies, and I was almost sucked dry and left as a corpse. However, if I didn’t have this scepter, I would have had to engage in a tough battle to get out of the trap that [God’s Son] Messi of Barcelona created.”

In the blink of an eye, endless godly power rushed into Fei’s body from all directions, replenishing his power and making his pale face look a bit more normal.

The silver scepter that Fei used was the mysterious giant stone pillar which he discovered on the Mythical Altar in the belly of the mountain under the Godly King Palace in Sky City.

In the last half a year, Fei placed all 21 Worldstones that he obtained with all seven of his characters in the three difficulty levels inside the Mythical Altar, and he purified them all. As a result, Sky City absorbed enough energy and revealed all its functions. The nine golden lotus plants were all blooming, and this legendary city went back to its prime.

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