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Hail the King Chapter 1133.1

Chapter 1133: Continue to Plan (Part One)

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At the same time, the Scepter of Creation also restored its former glory. Right now, Fei could use it on his own.

Unfortunately, Fei’s current strength didn’t allow him to use the Scepter of Creation freely; his godly power wasn’t enough. He used this scepter when he battled Messi’s Doppelganger, the three evil sea gods, and the Empress of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance, and he almost got sucked dry.

The good thing was that Fei had the grand godly realm.

Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm already reached 15 percent, so he could freely absorb the energy of this world and recover his godly power.

When the degree of fusion reached 100 percent, Fei would become a supreme god, and he could absorb the endless energy in the grand godly realm at will. It would mean that he could use the Scepter of Creation freely and become invincible.

There were two reasons why Fei didn’t kill that empress. Aside from a lack of godly power, another important factor was the potential riot of the Sea Tribe.

An organized and disciplined Sea Tribe was better for Fei’s future plans in the Northern Region compared to a chaotic Sea Tribe that had no leader.

With this empress controlling the tens of millions of members of the Sea Tribe in the Sea of Fragrance, it might be more peaceful for humans.

If Fei killed this woman, more than ten million soldiers of the Sea Tribe would become resentful and fall into a state of frenzy, attacking human territories all around the coastline. Although it wouldn’t affect Zenit’s control over its territory, it would be annoying and increase the anxiety of the humans in the Northern Region of Azeroth.

Also, facts proved that Fei’s decision was correct.

Under the pressure of the Polluters, the Empress of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance accepted the rare peace treaty and was even willing to stand with humans and fight the potential enemies. Having one more ally was always better than having one more enemy.

After recovering his godly power, Fei used the Scepter of Creation again.

Four masses of light dashed out of the black crystal sphere that looked like a mini-cosmos at the top of the scepter, and they hovered in the sky.

These four masses of energy were purified from Messi’s Doppelganger and the three evil sea gods’ core godly power after their consciousnesses were wiped out. They were enormous!

Fei moved his mind, and streaks of power of faith flew out of his body and turned into golden strings before wrapping around these four masses of energies.

Just as what he had done to the core energies of those four demi-gods of Barcelona, Fei was going to refine these four masses of energies and merge them into the grand godly realm, increasing his degree of fusion with it.

These four masses of energies were from those who broke through the threshold of mortals and became gods, and they were many times stronger than those from people like Busquets. Therefore, the process of refining them took longer.

Time passed by.

After spending eight hours, Fei finally completely refined these four masses of energies.

The king opened his eyes and laughed, “After refining these four gods’ energies, my degree of fusion with the grand godly realm reached 18 percent! I’m now at level 9 True God Realm, and I’m only one step away from becoming a godly king! It would be great if a few more demonic gods of the Sea Tribe come to me now!”

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