Chapter 1134: The Dragon Clan’s Defeat (Part One)

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Fei nodded and thought for a moment. Then, he said, “The construction of the orc troop is crucial. Strategist Aryang should take over this project. I will inform Great Priest Nash of the Behemoth Orc Tribe. From now on, everything that the orc troop needs will be provided by the ten military districts and Zenit. In half a year, make sure that an invincible iron troop is formed. Remember, half of the Chambordian elites must be arranged into the orc troop as political commissars, the new position that we created. This system has to be well-accepted by the orc troop.”

Everyone sensed the emphasis that the emperor placed on the orc troop.

Strategist Old Aryang nodded and accepted the task.

Fei was still a little worried, and he reminded them a bit more, “The behemoth orcs have different habits and customs than humans, and they are much bigger. When orcs and humans live together, some conflicts will arise. You guys would need to take care of this aspect for me. Regardless of what situation, any instigation of conflicts between the two races isn’t allowed, and no discrimination and provocation toward the orcs should occur. If such a thing takes place, the perpetrator needs to be strictly prosecuted regardless of this person’s status!”

“As you wish!” Seeing the emperor’s serious expression, everyone knew that this was His Majesty’s ‘reverse scale’, and they didn’t dare to slack off in this area.

“Order the [Letter Office] to keep an eye on all forces on the continent and prevent Barcelonan spies from entering the Northern Region and causing more trouble. In the next six months, I need the Northern Region to be peaceful. Any resistance needs to be wiped out and cleaned up! No potential risk is allowed!” Fei sounded murderous as he stated. It was rare for him to show such a strict side in front of his Chambordian henchmen.

However, the Polluters brought too much pressure to Fei.

Especially after talking with the Empress of the Sea Tribe of the Sea of Fragrance, Fei confirmed the terrifying power of the Polluters. Since the situation was so dire, Fei had to use rapid methods to clean up the Northern Region of Azeroth, uniting the humans and orcs and creating a top-tier combat force.

In such a situation, Fei had to give up on his humanitarian beliefs and use some necessary methods.

Soon, all issues were discussed and planned for.

Then, Fei ordered people to bring over King Buckingham of Leon. After comforting the latter and telling him a few things, Fei asked [No.1] to protect this envoy group of Leon back to the City of Gerland and discuss the creation of the ten military districts in the Northern Region of Azeroth with Emperor Juninho of Leon.

The Leon Empire was the former ruler of the Northern Region. Although Fei wasn’t afraid of this nation, he didn’t want a full-on war.

In the current environment, an internal war between humans would create an unbearable loss of strength.

After taking care of the administrative duties of the empire, Fei brought Luffy back to the central Martial Saint Mountain in St. Petersburg.

After the Zenit Empire was redeemed, a heroes’ cemetery was constructed on the Martial Saint Mountain. Those brave warriors who battled to the death and weren’t willing to surrender when St. Petersburg was broken were buried here.

Except for the tombs for Emperor Yassin and Second Prince Dominguez that only contained their personal possessions which represented their existences, there was also a memorial for the fallen soldiers and generals and the tombs for Golden Sun Knight Sutton, Krasic’s disciples, and Luffy’s mother.

Seeing Luffy crying his heart out before his mother’s tomb, Fei couldn’t help but sigh in his mind.

During the war with the Barcelona Empire, if Emperor Yassin weren’t prepared and saved the elite military of Zenit with a secret plan, the combat force of Zenit would have been wiped out, and the Zenit Empire wouldn’t have been able to form a powerful military in a short time.

Even though Emperor Yassin planned ahead, Zenit still suffered great casualties.

Many brave human warriors bleed and died in this internal conflict, and it was pitiful and sad.

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