Chapter 1135: The Last Plan (Part One)

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According to the previous plan, many citizens of Chambord entered Sky City, making it livelier. Many stone buildings and pavilions were assigned to families, and this miracle city became more friendly.

The citizens of Chambord were already pleased with their new home. Many of them had never imagined that they could one day live in such a perfect godly city!

The beautiful statues, the suitable environment, the fresh air, the powerful defensive power, and the magical daily items and infrastructures that could be controlled by voice. Everyone felt like they had become gods who could control everything in the legends.

The majority of the people who entered Sky City were the old residents of Chambord before Fei arrived, so their loyalty toward Chambord was unrivaled. The other group of people who moved into the city was composed of warriors who showed honor and bravery during battles and accumulated military merits as well as their families.

The selection process for the new residents of Sky City was strict. From the beginning to the end, there had been more than ten stages. This plan started before Fei got married, and many requirements and tests were established. The background of everyone who entered Sky City was investigated and checked, and zero errors were made.

All these efforts were to prevent enemy spies from sneaking into this legendary city.

After this small migration process was over, Sky City was going to become the center of the Northern Region. This would be the Human Emperor of the North’s godly city and residence, and this city would represent the center of Fei’s power and highest-level of authority.

Even the 12 Golden Saint Mountains behind Chambord were moved to the area around the Godly King Mountain where the Godly King Palace sat. Fei moved the mountains into the Sky City using his great power, and these 12 mountains housed the 12 palaces leading to the Godly King Palace with the 12 Gold Saints guarding them.

Besides, thousands of kinds of demon beasts moved from the Endless Sea of Forests into Sky City, and the ecosystem of Sky City was complete.

When Fei returned to the Godly King Palace, the final security measure in this migration to Sky City was being performed.

Under Angela, Elena, and Paris’s watch, all the various functions of the city were used. The safeguarding mechanisms, alert systems, and detection godly arrays were all activated, and they were under the control of the Inspection Department of Chambord.

Without exaggeration, every corner of Sky City was under the monitoring of the Inspection Godly Palace.

“This moment is finally here!” Fei couldn’t hold back and was excited. He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

Finally, Sky City recovered all of its functionalities and displayed the power of its prime.

While sitting on the throne in the Godly King Palace, Fei reached out his hand and pointed his finger forward. A streak of golden light dashed into a blooming golden lotus flower in the square pond in the palace.

The lotus flower slowly extended its petals, and it was a beautiful scene as if a beauty was dancing.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the next moment, a series of weak quakes occurred throughout Sky City.

The residents all rushed out of their homes and got onto the streets.

However, after a short moment of panic, their mouths opened wide as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

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