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Hail the King Chapter 1135.2

Chapter 1135: The Last Plan (Part Two)

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Stunning to them, this city that they lived in was slowly rising into the sky and flew in the air. Although the city was protected by the silver defense wall, the people in the city could still clearly see that the mountains in the area were lowering, and white clouds soon appeared around the city.

In each residential zone, there were many magic panels. Through these panels, the residents could receive the most recent notices and updates from the Royal Family of Chambord, get information about the city, and see the views around and below the city.

Through these magic panels, the residents saw the ancient Chambord City below them, the fast and roaring Zuli River, the carpet-like green grassland, the prosperous new city on the south bank of Zuli, the rolling mountains, the Endless Sea of Forests, and the ant-like people on the ground…

Except for cheering and chanting, these residents didn’t know how they could express their excitement and thrill.

“We… we are actually living in this city? A city that can fly?”

“Is this real? Why don’t I feel any turbulence from flying?”

“It is exactly the same as on the ground…”

After gasps and exclamations, people bowed toward the direction of the Godly King Palace and hailed the king!

Everyone knew that the king brought them all this. Although Fei was now the Emperor of Zenit and the Lord of the Northern Region in name, the native residents of Chambord were still used to calling him the king. These people only felt intimate with this title.

In this chaotic world, a flying city clearly could bring people a greater sense of security.

Besides, before these people moved into the city, the kingdom already promoted the powerful offensive and defensive systems of this city. Also, the king had said that even a group of gods couldn’t break into this city, making everyone feel 100 percent secure.

When had the king lied to them? Never!

Sky City slowly moved up from the ground and flew at a moderate speed. After a short period for the residents to adapt, the giant city shook slightly and completely merged into the void, entering its super-speed flying mode.

Everyone in the city felt like their visions blurred, and the beautiful cosmos appeared outside the faint-silver energy sphere that surrounded the city.

This sudden change went beyond their imaginations!

-In Godly King Palace-

Except for Fei who knew how miraculous Sky City was, his two queens, Demonic Woman Paris, and the various officials were stunned by what they saw.

Although they had guessed that this city was unique and extraordinary, they had never imagined that it was a godly city that could fly and merge into the void.

After a long pause, loud cheers sounded in this palace as well.

“From now on, this city will be my traveling palace and the Capital of the Northern Region of Azeroth! I can move this city and inspect the citizens and troops at any location in the Northern Region!” Fei announced with a smile.

Sky City was the last fortress and line of defense against the Polluters.

If the situation on the Azeroth Continent really greatly worsened and became irreversible, and humans and other races had to go through what the God Clan and Demon Clan went through 1,000 years ago, Fei would have to rely on this city. If that was the case, Fei planned to carry his loved ones and friends in this city and leave this world before wandering around and trying to find a new home.

That was the worst-case scenario.

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