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Hail the King Chapter 1136.1

Chapter 1136: The Arrival of the Giant City (Part One)

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-The territory of the former Anji Empire-

After Fei cast a miracle with his godly power, this land that was stained by the Undead Creature Catastrophe recovered its vitality and liveliness.

Also, with the arrival of the Behemoth Orc Tribe, this territory that was desolate and deserted changed.

In just a short time, many majestic orc cities appeared on this rich and fertile land.

From now on, this land got a new name – the Orc Empire!

This land was going to belong to the behemoth orcs, and it was a beautiful new home that supreme Beast Emperor Alexander gifted to every behemoth orc.

The behemoth orcs were already used to the poor living conditions with dry soil, terrible environment, and strong winds in the [Banished Land]. Now, they felt like they were in Heaven which only existed in legends. Simply breathing the air that was filled with the smell of grass and moisture would make them happy for a few days.

Only after going through the worst and most torturous conditions could one truly treasure the good things in life.

The satisfied and joyous smile could be seen on every orc’s face. Although Chambordians and Alanians didn’t understand it, it didn’t stop them from becoming friends with the orcs.

Although small conflicts and collisions occurred, the orcs and humans merged and lived alongside each other well under Fei’s strict policies. At least there weren’t any more ridiculous cases where orc children pretended to be ghosts at midnight and scared humans.

The former Capital of Anji was the new Capital that Fei gave to the behemoth orcs, and it was where the Beast God Palace situated.

There were already millions of Zenitian refugees here. Now, with the additional behemoth orcs and merchant caravans, mercenary groups, and adventure groups coming here for business opportunities, this city that was once dead became prosperous again and recovered its vitality.

About half a month ago, the military of the orcs took control of the city, and the name of the city was changed to St. Stanford. When directly translated from the language of the orcs, it meant the City of the Supreme Beast Emperor Alexander. The behemoth orcs used this name to remember Fei, the new Beast Emperor who shined the brightest in the Behemoth Orc Tribe’s journey of redemption.

Around St. Stanford and on the defense walls, the newly structured orc troops patrolled around.

Right now, the behemoth orcs were still trying to fix and utilize all the land in their territory. This process was filled with hope, but some public security incidents could occur.

These troops and patrol teams that were constructed under the help of Chambordians were trying their best to protect the peace of this land.

To the orcs, living in peace was their biggest dream. If anyone dared to mess around in their new homeland, these people would have to bear their volcanic eruption-like fury.

The humans who were the closest to the orcs were undoubtedly Chambordians, and Hazard was one of them.

Hazard was one of the most talented young bronze saint of Chambord. Due to his outstanding performance in killing the spies in the City of Heroes in the underground maze-like cave below the back mountain of Chambord, he was appointed as the Bronze Saint of Cygnus. He was given warrior energy training scrolls, and he received a ton of resources.

Now, this man was already a powerful mid-tier Moon-Class Elite, and he was a famous master in the Zenit Empire. Many Zenitians knew who Bronze Saint of Cygnus was.

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  1. me, myself and i

    St. Stanford = City of the Supreme Beast Emperor Alexander
    The author sure know his thing

  2. They honored Fei but seem to have forgot about the Pope Entus who even made their survival in the Banished Lands possible

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