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Hail the King Chapter 1137.1

Chapter 1137: The New Ruler of the North (Part One)

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Instantly, all the masters in the sky single-knelt in mid-air.

The orc masters all chanted ‘Hail the Beast Emperor’ while the masters of Chambord chanted ‘Hail the King’. The chants sounded like thunder and resonated in the sky, making the ordinary orcs and humans on the ground realize what was going on.

For a moment, a large amount of power of faith flew toward the Godly King Palace in the center of Sky City like a tsunami.

When Fei appeared above St. Stanford, the cheers reached a climax, and everyone worshipped him.

Sky City stayed beside St. Stanford for six days.

The arsenal of Chambord and other crucial departments that were big secrets all moved from the Royal Palace of Anji into Sky City in these six days. Only the infrastructure for the factories remained, and these factories could continue to operate.

On the other hand, Fei ventured deep into the sealed space underground. Using a ton of godly power, Fei transferred the few giant seal eggs that were transformed by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory into the side palaces on the Godly King Mountain.

This was the main reason why Fei drove Sky City to St. Stanford.

The real hidden cards that Chambord had were inside these giant sealed eggs that were transformed.

Of course, before the king left, he didn’t forget to strengthen godly blood seals on the close to 100 intact sealed eggs to prevent the demons inside from breaking out and adding more chaos to the Azeroth Continent that was already messy to begin with.

On the seventh day, Fei controlled Sky City and left.

Then, the new emperor went on his path of conquest in the Northern Region.

This time, Fei didn’t activate the stealth ability of Sky City. This majestic and magnificent giant city frequently appeared at the royal cities of various empires; these places were Fei’s favorite spots.

When Sky City appeared above them and cast the giant shadow by blocking the sun, the royal families in empires such as Marse and Bordeaux who had the optimism bias and wanted to rebel instantly collapsed.

Also, some masters were blinded by greed. They drooled over this legendary city that could fly, and they tried to block it and rob it.

However, before they could get within 1,000 meters of the city, they collided into the external defense field and were turned into smoke. Not even a strand of hair remained.

In less than half a month, more than ten Moon-Class Elites, three Sun-Class Lords, and a demi-god from somewhere died in front of this city, and no one dared to try to rob this city in the open anymore.

Gradually, legends about this flying city spread in the Northern Region. Also, rumors about Human Emperor Alexander of the North, the owner of this flying city, became popular.

This trip was to establish dominance. Therefore, Fei didn’t hide his trail and power. Conquering was the only thing on the schedule regardless of where the city went.

On the 11th day, the Maze Empire that wasn’t willing to surrender gathered about 600,000 elite soldiers around the Royal City. Under the support and instigation of Barcelonan spies, the Royal Family of Maze went against Zenit’s order and stated that they were going to knock down the Human Emperor of the North’s flying fortress.

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    No way someone would be retarded enough to try and steal a flying city from a literal god, if they aren’t at least gods themselves xD

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