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Hail the King Chapter 1137.2

Chapter 1137: The New Ruler of the North (Part Two)

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However, Fei didn’t kill these soldiers. Before the 600,000 soldiers, Fei commanded the defensive magic cannons in Sky City and easily put a bottomless crater that had a diameter of more than ten kilometers in the rolling mountains outside the Capital of Maze with one strike. Then, endless underground water flowed out of the underground caves and created a ‘natural lake’.

The 600,000 soldiers of Maze instantly collapsed after seeing this.

The Royal Family of Maze that taxed its people greatly was pushed down by its citizens and military.

The Barcelonan spies who were mixed in the crowds only created small ripples before they were taken out by the silver crystal battle soul warriors of Chambord. Then, the Maze Empire became one of the military districts of the Northern Region.

In this month, Fei used the space-traveling ability of Sky City and almost appeared in the territory of every empire in the Northern Region regardless of its size.

Every time that Sky City made an appearance, people were shocked, and territories were conquered.

In just one month, the creation of the ten military districts of Zenit was smoothly completed.

With the Maze Empire and a few other empires that tried to rebel as the precedents, no royal families and nobles dared to joke around with their lives.

By surrendering to the Human Emperor of the North, they could still save their nobility and honor. In fact, they could still retain some privileges and control of their royal guards. However, if they chose to resist, only destruction and failure awaited them.

Right now, the Human Emperor of the North was pushing all kinds of policies that were beneficial toward civilians and people at the bottom of the social ladder. Therefore, the people who were the foundations of these empires welcomed Fei’s policies and new governance. This shook the royal families’ control on a fundamental level.

The shift in the mindset of their citizens forced these royal families to resign from their roles as rulers even though they were unwilling. After all, they were powerless.

Fei’s control of the Northern Region of Azeroth was stable and firm from the very beginning.

In just one month, the Northern Region underwent a shocking transformation that many people couldn’t even dream of.

A giant new force appeared on the stage of Azeroth in the Chaos Era, and its momentum was unstoppable.

It could be said that Fei did something that hadn’t been done on the continent in the last 1,000 years. It was incredible!

For the first time in 1,000 years, someone united one of the five regions of Azeroth, turning a giant region with close to 100 empires into one giant force.

The Northern Region was known as the weakest region among the five, but it transformed and was becoming the most powerful due to Fei’s existence.

Regardless of the Northern Region Empire’s true strength, its territory was the largest among all human forces.

All kinds of rumors and news spread on the Azeroth Continent like a plague, and Fei’s fame and reputation were rising at an unimaginable rate!

Many people once thought that Fei was a new generational warrior who couldn’t even be ranked on the top of the List of Young Lords. Then, Fei’s fame rose after the battle at Chambord.

Now, Fei was no longer a genius warrior of a small empire. In many people’s eyes, he was the ruler of a force that could stand with super human empires such as Barcelona, Manchester, and Liverpool and rival other races such as the Elf Empire, Dwarf Empire, Gnome Empire, Goblin Empire, and Dragon Clan.

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