Chapter 1138: Huge Changes on the Continent (Part One)

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Some masters even predicted that in a short time, the Human Emperor of the North’s strength and influence was going to be able to rival that of the Holy Church which had dominated the continent for more than 1,000 years.

For a moment, all kinds of changes took place on the Azeroth Continent.

While Fei conquered the entire Northern Region with his unstoppable imperial presence, huge changes also took place in other regions of Azeroth.

The most eye-catching place was the Central Region.

The long war between the Holy Church and the Dragon Clan finally ended with the Dragon Clan’s defeat. The temporary headquarters of the Dragon Clan that was stationed on an island in the Mediterranean Sea was shattered by the united force of the Holy Church, Juventus, and the Sea Tribe of the Mediterranean Sea. Many giant dragons were imprisoned and slain, and fewer than one-third of the dragons escaped the Mediterranean Sea under the leadership of their leader, Laudrup.

No one knew what method that the Holy Church used to convince the Sea Tribe of the Mediterranean Sea to join its side, but it was a fact that the Sea Tribe helped the Holy Church in this war.

With the help of the abyss giant beasts of the Sea Tribe, the Holy Church was finally able to quickly defeat the Dragon Clan.

At the same time, the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire that were allies to the Dragon Clan were also wiped out.

The royal families of these two empires were almost completely killed by the Godly Execution Knight Legion, and more than ten million soldiers were slain. Blood formed lakes, and corpses piled into mountains. The entire Central Region was almost covered in blood. When looking into afar, only redness could be seen within thousands of kilometers. A ton of blood evaporated and became red mist and red clouds, lingering around and unwilling to leave. The Central Region was a living hell.

If young lords such as Shaarawy, Pato, Milito, and Palacio didn’t risk their lives, the young forces and middle-to-high-level warriors of the two empires would have been wiped out by the troops of the Holy Church and Juventus.

In this war, these two giant empires were eliminated.

On the other hand, the reputation of young lords such as Shaarawy skyrocketed. They showed a level of strength that far exceeded ordinary demi-gods. More than 40 supreme masters of the Holy Church died in their hands, and the entire Holy Church was shocked. It was these young lords who bought time for the young forces and middle-to-high-level warriors of the two empires to escape.

When the enraged Holy Church finally defeated the Dragon Clan, they pulled many supreme masters back to attack the young lords, but it was impossible to find these people in the Central Region.

Some people guessed that people like Shaarawy broke through during the war, walking over the threshold between mortals and gods and becoming gods themselves.

In the past chaotic eras, heroes who created legends were everywhere. This point was somewhat proven by Shaarawy and others’ advancements in strength.

Many famous traveling poets stated that this represented the future breakthroughs of many masters who had been suppressed by the laws of nature. With the changing laws of nature, more and more gods would appear. Also, some people would choose the evil path and become demons. The Mythical Era was about to continue with gods and demons appearing.

Except for the Northern Region and the Central Region, huge changes were taking place in the other three regions as well.

-In the Western Region-

The Barcelona Empire was at an absolute advantage. It secretly worked with the Holy Church and almost destroyed its mortal enemy, the Madrid Empire. However, the Elf Empire that had been silent throughout all this announced its alliance with the Madrid Empire and fought against Barcelona.

This change was something that no one expected.

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