Chapter 1138: Huge Changes on the Continent (Part Two)

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Due to the appearance of the new elf king, the Elf Clan experienced a period of internal conflicts. The Elf Empire was broken into three branches, the green elves, the night elves, and the blood elves. Out of the three branches, the night elves already partnered up with Barcelona.

However, this new golden elf king was talented and powerful. He showed unparalleled charisma and used tough methods, pulling the blood elves back into the Elf Empire in a short time. The Elf Clan’s strength greatly recovered, and it went back to being one of the superpowers in the Western Continent.

The Madrid Empire and the Elf Empire’s alliance caused huge changes in the region.

Mourinho and Battle God Ronaldo of Madrid weren’t common characters. Now, with the addition of the mysterious elf king, they finally blocked Barcelona and the Holy Church’s aggressive advances, dividing the Western Region into two sides.

-In the Eastern Region-

The war between humans and the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance ended temporarily with both sides taking a step back.

The human nobles who had captured and killed dwarfs and gnomes were all executed, and the dwarfs and gnomes who were enslaved by the humans were all released. At the same time, the magic grandmasters and the forge grandmasters of the Dwarf Empire and the Gnome Empire were invited to become prestigious consultants in the human empires with high prices.

After the war between humans and other races in the Eastern Region, these beings seemed to finally found a way to co-exist in peace.

Of course, some news stated that the Eastern Continent was only able to quickly end the war due to Continental Martial Saint Maradona. It was under the push of this mysterious master that helped the two sides to reach an agreement.

-In the Southern Region-

The war between the human empires and the Goblin Empire wasn’t as optimistic.

Ever since the second war between humans and goblins started, it never ended.

This time, it was the Goblin Empire that solely started the war.

These green-skinned, small, and ugly creatures were too greedy, and they truly enraged the humans who saw themselves as the ruler of the Southern Region of Azeroth.

After several human empires were wiped out by this greedy and ugly race, human forces such as the alliance led by Ormond and the ancient Munich Empire all started to attack the Goblin Empire, turning the region back into a state of chaos.

To the humans in the Southern Region, this war was an unspeakable disaster.

In the beginning, the two giant human forces fought on their own. Everyone was confident in defeating the Goblin Empire.

However, what happened next truly knocked these humans on the head.

Instead of obtaining the victory as they planned, the human troops were defeated repeatedly. The goblin troops used their magic machines and goblin sea attack to the fullest. When the ocean-like goblin troops and sky-blocking suicidal magic zeppelins rushed over, the human troops were devoured.

At this point, many people realized that they had underestimated the reproductive abilities of this race and its craze toward war.

Although humans had the strongest reproductive abilities on the continent before, goblins broke that record.

In less than a year, goblins that returned to the Azeroth Continent were no longer restricted by the limited territory and resources. Its already-giant population increased ten times, and all resources that they obtained from their new territories were put into the creation of more war machines.

In less than half a month, the two human forces in the Southern Region were forced to work together.

Ormand and Munich, the new and the old supreme rulers of the region, had to cooperate before the threat of elimination.

However, the situation was still not in humans’ favor.

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