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Hail the King Chapter 1139.1

Chapter 1139: Going to Join the Human Emperor of the North (Part One)

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To the goblins, wars were like a warm bed for their race to get stronger and multiply. The more territories that they had, the more resources that they could gather, and the more humans that they could capture. That was how they quickly increased in population exponentially.

In the end, the humans in the Southern Region realized that even though these short and ugly creatures were also viviparous mammals, they only needed to stay in their mothers’ bodies for about three months, which is about one-third that of a human. Also, it would only take about a year for a goblin to grow from a baby to a warrior.

Such reproductive and growth abilities would even trouble gods!

More importantly, humans figured out where the humans and captured soldiers in the conquered areas went.

Becoming slaves and doing hard labor was the best ending. Only those young and strong men had such treatments.

The females’ fate was much more tragic.

The goblins were known for their lust, and their lust could be aimed at other races without boundaries. Also, since their beauty standards were similar to those of humans, the females who fell into their hands all ended in tragedy regardless of their age.

Once a slave became sick and disfigured or a female got tortured so hard that her body became distorted, they would be treated as food and devoured alive.

The large number of human captives solved the issue of food for the goblins that had a giant and growing population.

Such inhumane and cruel actions ignited the anger in all humans, and the hatred between humans and goblins reached a peak level. There was no way around it except for war!

As the former ruler of the Azeroth Continent, the humans finally tasted the feeling of being slaughtered and enslaved by other races after 1,000 years.

Under the great pressure from the outside, the human forces that were hostile toward each other dropped their grudges and began to fight alongside each other for the continuation of the human race.

Time quickly passed by.

The situation wasn’t in humans’ favor.

The human alliance formed by the two most dominating human forces in the Southern Region of Azeroth was pushed back again and again. In a short time, they lost a ton of land, and more than five million human soldiers were forced to gather around Iduna, the Capital of Ormond, and Allianz, the Capital of Munich, readied for a final stand.

It was heard that Continental Martial Saint Maradona sent several of his disciples to the Southern Region to help the human alliance, but it wasn’t effective.

The humans in the Southern Region were in dire danger.

After conquering the Northern Region of Azeroth, Fei issued a series of new policies, pushing and stabilizing the military and civil transformations that were happening in the region.

Mad Scientists’ Laboratory showcased its great strength during the process, and they created a type of insane magic communicate device. Using these simple devices, people could dial up other people tens of thousands of kilometers away, and even an elementary mage apprentice could use them.

To some degree, this type of new magic devices that was named ‘magic cellphone’ by Fei greatly strengthened the connection between the ten military districts of the Northern Region.

Any movements and commands could be instantly passed to the various military districts.

On the other hand, the arsenal of Chambord almost dropped all other jobs and focused its resources on the creation of portable super-long-distance teleportation arrays.

Many magic arrays were sent to the military districts.

Now, such portable super-long-distance magic teleportation arrays were no longer the core technology of Chambord, and they could be taught to others.

To make it easier to move troops around once potential wars break out, Fei planned ahead and started to place the setups.

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