Chapter 1139: Going to Join the Human Emperor of the North (Part Two)

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In Fei’s plan, if the Northern Region could stay relatively peaceful for a year, he could turn this vast land into a firm and secure home base. Unfortunately, the Northern Region didn’t have that much time in the Chaos Era.

As soon as Fei finished the initial setups in the Northern Region according to his plan, he received a request for assistance from his brothers in the Central Region.

-The Border between the Northern Region and the Central Region, the Strait of Naples –

This location was relatively flat, and there were thousands of square kilometers of grassland and beaches. The scenery was beautiful, and this place that was on the northern edge of the Central Region had always been a popular tourist destination. Many merchants, nobles, and traveling poets came to this place to see the beautiful natural scenery.

However, wars were happening, and the sky above the Central Region was almost broken. The scenery here was no longer gorgeous.

Faint-red clouds hovered in the sky, and corpses and broken limbs could be seen on the ocean that was blue and clear in the past. A foul odor permeated the seawater, and the dead fish and shrimps already became rotten and looked puffed up.

On the grassland that was less than ten kilometers away from the coastline, a large team appeared. This team’s formation was long, and the members walked on the grass cautiously while looking around.

This team was made of about 400,000 people, and they stretched to the horizon. Almost every single one of them was covered in wounds, and they looked fatigued. While holding each other up, they tried to march forward as quickly as possible.

The first impression that they gave others was that they were defeated soldiers who retreated from a battleground.

However, the unhidden battle-hunger, unwillingness, and ferocious expressions made them look other than defeated soldiers.

Streaks of light could be seen flashing above them in the sky.

Those were energy flames created by Moon-Class Elites when they flew in the air. Some masters were flying around and monitoring the situation that was happening within 100 kilometers, protecting and looking out for this team.

“Brothers! Let’s endure it a bit more! Once we cross the Strait of Naples, we will be in the Northern Region. Human Emperor Alexander of the North already sent out troops and stationed them at the border, waiting for us to arrive. If we get there, we will be safe!”

In the sky, masters were shouting and motivating the team.

The Human Emperor of the North! It was this name that provided the last bit of hope for this team that was on the verge of collapse.

They were from the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire; they were the elites who survived the cruel war.

Not long ago, the Dragon Clan and these two human empires were defeated in the great war, and they refused to surrender to the Holy Church. Under the attack from the troops of the Holy Church and Juventus from both sides, millions upon millions of soldiers died, and fewer than 500,000 people were saved.

Right now, the Central Region was completely occupied by the Holy Church and the Juventus Empire. Even though the Azeroth Continent was giant, there wasn’t a place for these soldiers to go.

The hatred that originated from the loss of their homes and the conquering of their empires made these elite soldiers who had been through many battles extremely frustrated, but they couldn’t do anything.

Fortunately, the remaining famous generals such as Shaarawy and Milito stood out. After some discussions, they decided to lead this homeless troop to the Northern Region and join Alexander after marching through the Central Region.

The legends and tales about Alexander already spread to the Central Region, and many of these soldiers already heard of them.

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