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Hail The King Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Assassination

“Who……Who are you?”

Oleg felt a chill down his spine.

Although he didn’t show any reaction on his face, and just stared at the mysterious black cloaked person nervously. He peeked at the gate on the side and calculated the possible escape paths as he slowly moved backward, reaching for the sword that was hung beside the bronze mirror.

Oleg’s fighting ability was better if he had the sword with him. He was confident that he was able to defend against this mysterious intruder for a few seconds, alerting the guards with the noise. Once the guards heard noises in the room, they would come check. With their assistance, Oleg’s chance of escaping out of here alive would be much higher.

The time seemed to freeze.

His finger had already reached the cold hilt of the sword. Oleg let go of the breath he was holding and finally grasped onto his sword.

He drew out the sword and positioned it in front of his chest. The light reflected off of the sword and lit up the floor in the room. Oleg was more confident, and look on his face became less timid. As he was about to yell and call for help…..

“Take me to the peak of the East Mountain, I will let you live!”

The intruder raised his/her hand and chanted a series of obscure spells that Oleg wasn’t able to understand. A great amount of magic energy appeared around the intruder who then pressed the space in front of them with their hand. Five dark red chains made from fire shot out of the five fingers and immediately straggled Oleg’s arm and sword like five flexible snakes. The chains then slowly spread and restrained Oleg’s entire body.

Oleg who had the energy of a one-star warrior and the physical strength of a two-star warrior was simply captured and controlled by these flimsy looking fire chains.

The black cloaked intruder suddenly shook their fingers.

This simple movement caused an enormous change.

The fire chains that bound the sword instantly brightened up. “Si..” The sword that was made from quality iron was melted instantly and spilt onto the ground, formed a puddle of molten metal…….
“If you dare to resist, your bones and flesh will just be like this sword!”

“Who……Who are you?” Oleg had lost the courage completely. The strength of the two parties were on two completely different level. The intruder was at least a four-star fire attributed mage.

Oleg only asked that question because he was angry of the situation and wanted to know who was behind all of this. Who knew that after the intruder heard the question, the person hesitated a little, but they surprisingly took off the cloak. The face was only barely visible under the light of the fire chains, but Oleg was able to tell who it was.
“This is not possible……How could it be you?” Oleg’s eyes opened big and wide, as if he saw an undead creature: “This is not possible……this is not possible……”

“Now you are willing to take me to the peak of the East Mountain, right?” The Intruder put the cloak back on and hid into the dark again. The voice sounded calm, but Oleg could feel the anger and hatred: “If you are not going to take me there, I still have methods to get here. However, it would take more work, but you will die!”

“I will take you there!”

Oleg’s legs felt shaky and he surrendered.



Chambord Castle faced mountains on three sides and a river on one side. The terrain was very hard for outsiders to get into.

The steepest East Mountain was especially important to the Kingdom. All the former kings rested there after they passed away. The royals, nobles, soldiers and heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect the Kingdom also rested there. This symbolized that all their brave souls would still protect Chambord Kingdom for the years to come.

The terrain of the East Mountain was very significant.  It was very steep, and there were only two ways to get to the top of the mountain. One of the path circled around the mountain twelve times. There were, in total, three thousand one hundred stone stairs that led to the peak of the mountain, as if it was a path to heaven. The other path was more dangerous. By relying on the big iron nails that was struck into the body of the mountain, an iron chain was connected on them and formed a climbing rope that led to the “heaven”. It was for people who were very powerful; they would get to the peak a lot faster this way.

Fei and his followers were only able to use the first path. After more than an hour, they finally reached the peak.

What they didn’t know was that before they got to the peak of the mountain, two figures, one possessing a pair of dark fire wings, sped up the chain to “heaven” – to be more accurate, it was a figure who was dressed in a valet uniform and dragging a bald fat figure as it rushed up the mountain with the help of the iron chains.

It was about less than half an hour from dawn.

When Fei, Angela and the others arrived on the peak in a magic floating carriage, almost everyone was there; the emissaries and princes from more than twenty kingdoms, Chambord’s guards who here to protect the ceremony, priests and knights from the Holy Church, and of course, the Royal Coronation Legion from Zenit Empire.

Elder Princess Tanasha’s magic carriage was parked in front of the altar for a while. She arrived at the peak of the mountain long before Fei, but she didn’t appear in front of the crowd and only stayed at her carriage. Female warrior Susan and Knight Captain Romain guarded the carriage with more than two hundred fully armoured cavalry knights.

Although the East Mountain was very steep, the peak of the mountain was a very flat surface; it was about four, five squared kilometers. There was an altar located in the middle of the flat surface; it was about six yards(m) tall and ten yards(m) in diameter. This was the King’s Altar that all of the 250 affiliated kingdoms of Zenit had. It was the place where all the kings were canonized and became the official ruler of their kingdoms. Fei would be canonized by Tanasha who represented the Zenit Empire on this King’s Altar when the first stream of sunlight shined on the peak of East Mountain.

Beside the King’s Altar and on the side of the cliff, there were sixty-six stone warrior statues that were all holding swords. They were all thirty, fourty yard(m) tall. They had realistic expression on their faces, being gigantic and majestic, representing glory, justice and the numerous warriors and heroes who served Chambord.

The emissaries, princes and their servants were spread out around the altar.

The dozen “stone bridge” warriors such as Drogba and Barrack and Lampard arrived a long time ago, guarding the altar with more than twenty soldiers.

“Your majesty!”

Warden Oleg quickly walked up to Fei and saluted; however, his legs were slightly shaky.

A middle-aged valet followed him tightly. Everyone knew that the person was Oleg’s valet. Although they were not sure why this f----s brought his valet to the peak of East Mountain, this action wasn’t restricted and their minds quickly moved onto something else.

“Start preparing!”

Fei nodded emotionlessly, and signaled Oleg, who was the primary manager for today’s ceremony, to start preparing. Since Fei specially ordered Head Minister Bast to stay behind, Oleg was surprising appointed. It was outside of everyone’s expectations.

Ton of sacrifices were moved onto the King’s Altar, and the preparations were slowly and steadily under way.

Fei stood on the mage carriage and glanced around. Except Thrace Kingdom’s emissaries, who were all murdered by mysterious powerful assassins, the emissaries from all other kingdom came. Fei saw Prince Modric from the Lake Kingdom. This blonde guy looked fabulous as usual, and was the center of attention wherever he went.

After feeling Fei’s stare, Modric politely smiled and nodded at him.

Fei nodded back and continued to observe.

There were about five hundred people on the peak. Except the two hundred cavalry knights who were here to protect Elder Princess Tanasha and the two hundred plus people from all the kingdoms, there were less than sixty people who belonged to Chambord, and most of these people were servants who couldn’t fight at all. Fei was focusing on the emissaries and the cavalry knights the most. From his Barbarian Mode, he had vaguely felt a great amount of danger. But he couldn’t tell where the danger might come from or who might cause it.

Finally, the dark sky was lighting up.

The golden sun was about to rise over the horizon and light up the peak of East Mountain.

Elder Princess Tanasha stepped up King’s Altar under the protection of Susan. The guard behind her held up a silver plate that was covered with a layer of red silk. A crown that was made from golden vines and branches was placed on it. It was the King’s crown that the Zenit Empire was about to bestow on Fei.

Fei waved his hand.

The servants who had no fighting abilities got off of the altar uniformly. After that, they headed directly to the path and left the peak of East mountain.

There were only about twenty people from Chambord who were still on the peak.

This surprised everyone. All the emissaries started to chit chat among themselves, and a surprised expression appeared on Tanasha’s face. That was all Fei could do. Although he sensed danger, but he didn’t know where it came from. The only thing he could do was to keep less of his people on the peak. If stuff actually happened, the casualties would be kept at a minimum.

The first stream of golden sunlight finally lit up the peak.

At was time.

It was this moment……

The Elder Princess held up the King’s Crown in her hand. According to the Empire’s tradition, when that stream of sunlight passed through the clouds and shined the crown, and when the ancient oath and blessing from the God of War was made, Fei would be officially crowned……

When everyone’s attention was on the stream of golden sunlight.

At this moment.

No one noticed the hate filled expression that suddenly appeared on the middle-aged valet who was behind Oleg and never spoke once since he arrived on the peak.

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