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Hail the King Chapter 1140.1

Chapter 1140: The Troop That Lost Its Homelands (Part One)

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In legends, the Human Emperor of the North was the reincarnation of a godly king, and he rose up four years ago in an unstoppable manner. In a short time, he became a young lord and shocked the world. Also, he battled with the Holy Church many times and won every single match, and he defeated the troops of Barcelona earlier, bringing even more attention to himself. Right now, this young man was so famous that his fame was chasing after the level of Continental Martial Saint Maradona.

Some people even said that the Human Emperor of the North already became a god.

Also, a piece of even more shocking news appeared in the last month.

It was heard that this young and unparalleled lord already wiped through the Northern Region and realized the dream that many emperors had but couldn’t achieve throughout the last 1,000 years – uniting one of the five regions of Azeroth.

Now, this young ruler was already one of the most powerful figures in the world!

At the moment, only two people dared to retain and help them, the soldiers who were detested by the Holy Church.

One was the legendary and mysterious Continental Martial Saint Maradona.

Unfortunately, this man was a mystery. Except for his disciples, he didn’t have any forces or territories. Even if these soldiers found this figure, the latter wouldn’t be able to help so many people.

The other person was Human Emperor Alexander of the North.

This new and influential figure was rising to the top of the world, and his momentum was so strong that others didn’t dare to look at him as if he was the rising sun. His individual strength almost rivaled that of Continental Martial Saint Maradona, and he controlled a large region. He had countless talented strategists, fierce generals, and powerful masters who could defeat many opponents.

The momentum of this force was so great that even the Holy Church which had just obtained the victory in the Holy War didn’t dare to underestimate it.

In the beginning, these soldiers were afraid that Human Emperor Alexander of the North wouldn’t want to help them who were homeless.

However, it was later learned that this new powerful ruler was a great friend of Shaarawy and the other military leaders, and Human Emperor Alexander of the North was welcoming of them.

This information instantly eliminated the doubts and worries in these people’s minds.

For this troop that lost their homelands, they finally found some hope like lost travelers who finally saw a light in the endless darkness.

After more than half a month of traveling, this troop finally arrived at the border between the Central Region and the Northern Region.

As long as they could cross the Strait of Naples, they would be inside the Northern Region and safe.

“This is the darkness before dawn.” Every soldier was telling themselves this, and they tried their best to squeeze out the last bit of energy in their bodies. They were trying to increase their pace and follow the group. They didn’t want to lag behind and become a burden to their peers.

Suddenly, streaks of powerful energy fluctuations appeared in the southern sky further away.

They were the presences of top-tier priests of the Holy Church.

Having battled the troops of the Holy Church all these days, these soldiers couldn’t be more familiar with the sensations and presences.

The bone-chilling murderous spirits could be felt through the air, and everyone’s heart began to sink.

“Hahaha! You are a bunch of anxious and homeless dogs! I was wondering where you escaped to. You are all here!” While a series of laughs sounded in the sky, five figures who were covered in silver energy flames appeared in the southern sky.

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