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Hail the King Chapter 1140.2

Chapter 1140: The Troop That Lost Its Homelands (Part Two)

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The person in the lead was fat like a meat mountain. He was wearing a bloody cross shirt, and the giant red cape could only cover half of his body. It looked a little ridiculous.

However, no one in this troop could laugh.

This fat pig was Kassai, and he was the Deputy Commander of the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church. Although he looked dull and stupid, he was a terrifying figure. His hands were stained by the blood of countless masters of Inter Milan and AC Milan.

Ten days ago, this man personally killed thousands of members of the Royal Family of AC Milan regardless of their gender and age, and his methods were cruel. He was a loyal henchman to Pope Blatter and Bishop Platini, and he was already a peak demi-god. His strength couldn’t be overlooked.

The four figures who were dressed in blood-red godly robes and standing behind Kassai were his assistants, and they were called the [Four Godly Punishment Knights]. They were almost all peak Sun-Class Lords, and they were also infamous. Their hands were stained with the blood of countless warriors and civilians of the two empires.

It was heard that these five people were all scum. They were infamous since they killed and robbed many people in the Western Region, and they were public enemies. As a result, many righteous masters went after them.

No one knew how, but these five people somehow joined the Holy Church and became priests. Their status instantly skyrocketed, and they were no longer fearful of many things.

None of these five people were kind and gentle.

The troop was just about to enter the Northern Region, but such vicious figures chased after them at this critical moment.

It was troublesome now.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few powerful presences appeared on the ground; they were the masters in the troop who could still battle, and they flew toward Kassai and the other four fearlessly, trying to block these murderers.

However, Kassai waved his giant hand where each finger was like a carrot, and his expression looked impatient.

“Eh… puff!”


More than a dozen masters of the two empires spat out blood and got knocked back before they could get close to this man. The difference in strength between the two parties was huge! It was an unfathomable gap!

Kassai’s fat figure floated in the sky, and he looked at the 400,000 soldiers on the ground as if he was looking at a group of ants. His smile was cold and violent.

Kassai glanced around and frowned, and he suddenly shouted, “Shaarawy, Cassano… why aren’t you standing out? Aren’t your bones tough? Don’t you want to protect these dirty people? Why are you now cowards who are hiding in turtle shells? Hahaha! If you don’t come out, I will start stomping these ants to death!”

Kassai’s murderous words echoed between the sky and the land, making the world change color.

“What should we do?”

On the ground, several military officers were hiding in waist-high grass, and they appeared anxious as they looked up at the sky.

They were carrying four unconscious people on the simple stretchers beside them; the latter were Shaarawy, Cassano, Palacio, and Milito.

In the prior bloody battle, these four young lords used all their strength and saved these 400,000 elite soldiers from the shadow of the Grim Reaper.

When the last fortress of the two empires, Milan City, was conquered, the battle was extremely intense with blood everywhere.

The young and spiritual Young Lord Pato tried to buy time for the troop to exit the battlefield, and he fought with more than a dozen opponents on his level. Unwilling to surrender, he self-detonated and bought some time for this last troop to escape.

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