Chapter 1141: Like Moths To Flames (Part One)

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In the shocking battle, Shaarawy, Cassano, Milito, and Palacio fought against battle angels with their full strength, and they were all severely injured.

Although the troop designed a delicate escape path, and they dodged the troops of Holy Church and Juventus’ chase, there were more than 400,000 soldiers. It was impossible to completely avoid all detection.

The troop encountered more than ten ambushes of varying sizes, and Shaarawy and the others’ conditions worsened. Right now, they were all unconscious.

“Finally… here?”

While these military officers didn’t know what to do, Cassano who was on a stretcher seemed to have been stimulated by the murderous spirits coming from Kassai in the sky, and he slowly woke up and opened his eyes. While speaking, he propped himself up and tried to stand.

“Sir, no!”

“Sir, since we are in this situation, we should protect you and escape. We can let our brothers hold the enemies back for a bit. The Northern Region of right in front of us. Once we cross into it…”

“Yeah, Sir! You guys are supreme masters who might be able to become gods! You have to survive until you get to the Northern Region. Once you become a god, you can come back and avenge our empire.”

“Sir, don’t worry. There are 400,000 of us here! Even if all of us must die here, we are going to hold these demons back for a while…”

The military officers quickly held down Cassano; they were afraid that this stubborn young lord who held the hope of the empire might unleash his power by force in a rage. Under his current state, if Cassano flew into the sky and tried to battle the enemies, it was no different from seeking death.

“Don’t say anything else!” Cassano’s face was pale, and his body shivered as he waved his hand; he didn’t act impulsively.

This young lord who loved joking around with his subordinates was currently wrapped up like a mummy. When he moved his body, the wounds opened again, and blood flowed out like a fountain. Various enemy warrior energies ran rapid in his body, and it felt like sabers were cutting him.

Cassano turned around and looked at Milito and his other peers who were still unconscious. Then, he looked at the soldiers around him and the arrogant Kassai in the sky. A rare serious expression appeared on his face, and he sighed heavily.

“I’m like a giant dragon that is stuck in a little pond. I’m being teased and bullied by small fish and shrimps. When I was in my prime, I could easily kill more than ten masters on his level. Now, he dares to be so reckless before me. Whatever! The more we escape, the more arrogant these b*stards are! Since we can’t escape, I won’t leave! I, Cassano, have never been so down that I need my brothers to risk their lives to fight for my escape! I can still battle!” Cassano’s words were heroic yet sad. It was like the last moment of a hero.

The military officers around Cassano tightened their grips on their weapons, and they all felt valiant and brave.

At this moment, a series of roars sounded in the troop. More than a dozen most radiant light beams shot into the sky. These were warriors who hadn’t reached the Moon-Class Realm. To protect their peers, they used suicidal attacks.

Such tragic scenes were being displayed between the sky and the land.

“Ants! How dare you disobey the Heavenly Mandate?” Kassai sneered, and he waved his fat hands cruelly. Then, streaks of silver light rushed out like waves.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

More than a dozen brave warriors had the desire to kill their enemy, but their strength didn’t allow them to do so. They exploded in mid-air, and their flesh and bones turned into mist. They sacrificed themselves and died without full corpses for the greater good.

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