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Hail the King Chapter 1141.2

Chapter 1141: Like Moths To Flames (Part Two)

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However, this tragic scene didn’t faze other warriors on the ground for one bit.

Like many moths, they knew that they would die when flying into the flame, but they did it anyway without regret. In the last moment of their lives, they released the most brilliant energy from their souls, igniting their life energy and dashing into the sky.

All that these warriors wanted was to slow down the five demons in the air for one second, buying time for their brothers and peers to escape from danger.

Bright flames dashed into the sky from the ground like many arrows, and the brilliance and the tragic presence created a vivid painting between the sky and the land. It was the struggle of the weak and the anger of the warriors.

On the ground, the military officers who weren’t strong enough loudly commanded their peers and rushed toward the Strait of Naples.

The Strait of Naples was like the line of life and death in everyone’s eyes.

As long as they passed through this line, they would be inside the territory of the Northern Region that belonged to Human Emperor Alexander of the North.

“How dare the priests of the Holy Church step into the Human Emperor of the North’s territory?”

The soldiers on the ground all had sad expressions on their faces.

This troop had survived the test of blood and flames, and they were the last bit of bloodline of Inter Milan and AC Milan, two former human superpowers. These people weren’t afraid of death, but they were logical. Seeing that some of their peers decided to sacrifice themselves, more people sped up and rushed towards the border of the Northern Region.

They were running not because they were afraid. They were escaping for the day to come back to their homelands with their heads raised.

At the same time, rumbling war drum beats sounded from the south. The clip-clop noises were so loud and thunderous that even the land started trembling. Under the sunshine, a wave of dazzling white light appeared on the horizon like a flood, rushing toward this troop.

The other enemies were here.

It was the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church.

It was a terrifying legion, and the knights all wore silver armor and white clothes. They were all at least Five-Star Warriors, and they were cruel and merciless. Wherever they went, no grass could be seen afterward. They were the sharpest claws of the Holy Church, and they had executed many massacre missions. They were nicknamed God’s Sharp Sword.

In the previous defense war at Milan City, it was this terrifying legion that showed up and turned the tables, killing millions of soldiers of the two empires.

Now, this legion appeared at this place.

It meant that the final troop which represented the last bit of hope of the two empires was completely exposed.

Just as they expected, after the Godly Execution Knight Legion appeared, the cavalry of the Juventus Empire showed up behind them like a black flood. In a cone-shape, the enemies flooded up and wrapped around this troop. Under the sunlight, the swords and sabers reflected cold and murderous light.

The final battle was here.

The last troop of the two empires was finally pushed into desperation.

If it were before, even if it were only ten days ago, this troop of 400,000 soldiers wouldn’t feel so desperate.

About ten days ago, this troop was still intact and had peak combat strength. Also, masters such as Shaarawy and Milito could still battle. Even if they were facing the execution troops of the Holy Church, they could still fight them head-on and might win.

But now, they were in a desperate situation.

High-level masters such as Shaarawy fainted, and no one could battle Kassai and the other masters of the Holy Church.

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