Chapter 1142: Step into the Northern Region, Die! (Part One)

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However, feeling desperate didn’t mean giving up.

A series of calm and stable bugle noises sounded, and then roars resonated in the sky. Close to 100,000 soldiers of the two empires who were in the rear of the troop suddenly gave up on running. They picked up their broken weapons and turned around before facing the enemies who were charging over.

Their expressions were calm and stubborn, and their eyes were pure and heated. After forming the basic defensive formation, they roared at the same time and rushed toward the enemy troop on the southern horizon that had many times their number.

It was like a brave warrior chopping off his arm!

Like those warriors who burned their life energy and rushed into the sky, these 100,000 soldiers decided to sacrifice their lives to buy time for their peers to escape. They were choosing to walk into death.

Such a tragic and heroic moment couldn’t move their cold-blooded enemies.

“Annoying flies!”

Seeing the low and weak soldiers of the two empires charging forward, Kassai finally grew impatient.

He slightly moved one of his legs forward in mid-air, and a powerful streak of invisible force rushed out of his fat body. Then, an indescribable pressure suddenly appeared in the world.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Many soldiers of the two empires exploded and died tragically.

The terrifying presence of a peak demi-god instantly made tornadoes appeared on the grassland. The grass swayed in the air, and ordinary people couldn’t even remain standing.

“Shaarawy, Cassano, Milito, and Palacio. I don’t want to kill these weak ants. However, don’t test my patience. I will give you three seconds. If you don’t come out, I will completely crush this last force of the two empires that you risked your lives to protect right in front of you!”

Kassai’s arrogant and crazy laughs resonated in the sky.

Decapitating these four young lords of the two empires would be big merits, and Kassai could receive another ‘Gift from God’ once he returned to the headquarters of the Holy Church. His strength would increase drastically, and he might even become a god. Therefore, his target for this mission was Shaarawy and the other three.

As to the ordinary soldiers of the two empires?

The Holy Church and the Juventus Empire didn’t have plans to keep the last troop of the two empires alive. The Godly Execution Knight Legion and Juventus’ [Darkness’ Touch] Cavalry Legion could completely wipe out these 400,000 soldiers at the Strait of Naples.

After today, there wouldn’t be the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire on the continent anymore. Everything would be buried in the loud waves at the Strait of Naples and the river of time. The Central Region would also become the Holy Church’s property from now on.

Based on Kassai’s understanding of these four young lords, he believed that they would stand out to protect their people.

However, it wasn’t the case this time. Regardless of how he shouted and threatened, Shaarawy and the other three young lords didn’t appear.

Kassai looked down, and he saw many people running around. Like ants, these people were running around in order, but Kassai couldn’t sense the presence of those four young lords.

-On the ground-

Cassano and the other three young lords who were severely injured were forcefully tied onto military officers, and they couldn’t break free.

While mixed in the giant troop, these military officers carried the four young lords and rushed toward the Strait of Naples. These military officers would be able to bring these four into the Northern Region of Azeroth after covering a distance shorter than 20 kilometers.

“Damn it! Let me go!” Cassano cussed in anger. He had never imagined that he, a young lord who dominated the Central Region for more than ten years, would be tied up and secured onto the back of his subordinate. Regardless of how he shouted and struggled, he couldn’t do anything to his subordinates who were teary-eyed.

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