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Hail the King Chapter 1142.2

Chapter 1142: Step into the Northern Region, Die! (Part Two)

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Milito, Shaarawy, and Palacio were the most injured. When they fought with a six-winged battle angel, foreign energy got into their bodies, and they were still completely unconscious. Cassano was the only young lord who woke up, and he had the highest status in this troop of 400,000 soldiers.

At this moment, Cassano felt like he should be a shield against the storm for his people, just as he had many times before.

He saw many brave and fearless warriors of the two empires fly into the sky like moths flying toward a flame, just to stop that fat figure in the sky for a second. Also, many courageous soldiers picked up their broken weapons and charged toward the fully-armed enemies who were rushing over from the horizon.

At the same time, Kassai’s cruel shouts resonated in the sky.

Cassano felt like his body was about to explode. He wanted to fly into the sky and battle with dignity.

However, he was so injured that whenever he tried to use his warrior energy, he felt like sharp knives were cutting his organs. He couldn’t unleash any bit of energy.

Therefore, he could only be carried toward the north on the back of one of his subordinates who was silent right now.

“Since you don’t dare to come out even though these ants are being killed, then I will kill them little by little!” Kassai’s patience was ground thin, and he opened his right hand and pushed down.

Boom! The ground shook, and a deep crater in the shape of his hand appeared; it had a rough diameter of 1,000 meters.

Unfortunately, there were at least 1,000 soldiers of the two empires within the coverage of this hand strike, and they were crushed into meat pies. Their blood and bones mixed with the soil, staining the land that was about to be soaked in blood.

“Kill! Kill them until Shaarawy and others show up!” Kassai roared in anger, “It doesn’t matter what happens! Today, I have to kill those four young lords and present their heads to the two Holinesses, Pope Blatter and Bishop Platini!”

“As you wish!”

The [Four Godly Punishment Knights] behind Kassai instantly responded, and they turned into light beams and shot toward the ground with vicious smiles on their faces.

Like world-ending meteorites, they descended toward the crowd with flames around them.

These four peak Sun-Class Lords could easily wipe out a troop of 400,000 soldiers.

To the south side, those 100,000 soldiers of the two empires who decided to sacrifice themselves were less than 1,000 meters away from the enemies.

The soldiers on both sides could see each other’s vicious expression, and they seemed to foresee the cruel scene where their weapons stabbed into each other’s body, making blood spill in all directions. They seemed to have already sensed the cold air that the Grim Reaper blew at their faces.

The situation was extremely dangerous.

The last troop of the two empires was about to be destroyed.

“Charge! Charge over the border! Once we are inside the Northern Region, we will be safe!” military officers shouted in the crowds, motivating and pushing their peers to run faster.

“Hahaha! Naïve! Who told you that you will be safe once you get to the border?”

One of the Four Godly Punishment Knights laughed hysterically while smashing away a few masters who tried to block him.

This man was already a peak Sun-Class Lord, and he instantly appeared at the border between the Northern Region and the Central Region. While unleashing powerful energy, he stepped one of his feet inside the territory of the Northern Region and laughed, “Who dares to protect the enemies of the Holy Church? Regardless of where you escape to, the Holy Church will hunt you down! Hahaha! I want to see who dares to stop me now that I’m in the Northern Region!”

“Godly knight of the Holy Church who stepped into the Northern Region, die!”

A cold and mechanical voice sounded behind this man without warning.

This godly punishment knight was shocked!

“Who can get so close to me in silence without me noticing?” He quickly turned around and was terrified.

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