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Hail the King Chapter 1143.1

Chapter 1143: The Battle Between the Two Forces (Part One)

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This godly punishment knight didn’t know when, but many tall and majestic figures appeared behind him at the border between the Northern Region and the Central Region.

These figures were engulfed in dark-golden energy surges, and the space around them was twisted and distorted. It was hard to see them, but streaks of blood-red light beams were clearly visible, shooting out of these figures’ eyes.

This scene was terrifying! These figures seemed like demons who walked out of the bottom of Hell.

This godly punishment knight felt like he was inside a freezer.

What shocked him more was that with his strength, he didn’t even realize that these giant figures appeared behind him before they spoke to him. More shockingly, when he was looking toward the north about ten seconds ago, not a single soul could be seen.

“Who… who are you?”

This godly punishment knight swallowed the saliva in his mouth, and his lips felt dry.

Only a fist covered in dark-golden light answered him. This fist was engulfed in the laws of nature and punched forward like a falling mountain.


Blood and white bone fragments flew in all directions like an exploding firework.

In shock, this godly punishment knight was turned into blood mist. He was a peak Sun-Class Lord, but the average strength of the silver crystal battle soul warriors of Chambord was at the Demi-God Realm. Although there was only a small difference in realm between them, it was actually a huge gap. One was still a mortal, but the other already marched toward the godly realm. They weren’t even close.

Killing this godly punishment knight was as easy as killing a chicken to this silver crystal battle soul warrior.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Almost at the same time, three other silver crystal battle soul warriors also punched out from afar.

The dark-golden energy flames tore through the sky. Mixed with chains of order, the other three godly punishment knights who were being murderous and arrogant thousands of meters away were also turned into pieces.

The powerful forces instantly attracted everyone’s attention on the battlefield.

The first to react was Kassai who was getting extremely impatient in the sky. He almost saw the entire process. From the appearance of more than 300 silver crystal battle soul warriors at the border of the Northern Region to his four loyal henchmen being destroyed, Kassai didn’t even have the time to help out.

“Chambord! Magic puppets!” Kassai said these words with an ugly expression; these words were the last words that he wanted to say.

He knew that with the Chambordians’ intervention, the situation was turned around.

It was impossible to kill Shaarawy, Milito, Cassano, and Palacio, these four young lords who were the key enemies of the Holy Church.

Leaving other factors aside, just these more than 300 silver crystal battle soul warriors were giant blockages. Each one of them emitted a presence not inferior to Kassai, a deputy commander of the Godly Execution Knight Legion.

“If these magic puppets rush up together, I might not be able to go back alive,” Kassai thought to himself, and he started to have thoughts such as retreat and backing off.

The last troop of the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire felt completely the opposite of Kassai.

These 400,000 elite soldiers were once feeling desperate, and then they suddenly saw a group of golden-armored battle gods appearing at the border after tearing open the void.

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