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Hail the King Chapter 1143.2

Chapter 1143: The Battle Between the Two Forces (Part Two)

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Afterward, the four bloody and cruel godly knights were obliterated like ants.

Deafening cheers and roars sounded after a short moment of silence.

“The Chambordians are really here!”

“The invincible forces of the Human Emperor of the North are waiting for us at the border!”

“We are saved!”

At the most desperate moment, these soldiers saw clear hope. This indescribable level of visual and mental shock made all these soldiers want to cry out loud.

At this moment, a few golden magic puppets took out magic components from their storage spaces and smoothly created many magic portals that were engulfed in mystical lights.

Then, teams of fully-armored Chambordian soldiers walked out in unison and appeared at the border like the godly warriors who traveled through space and time.

A disciplined and murderous iron troop soon appeared before everyone.

The tables had been turned!

The massive massacre that was about to happen 20 kilometers away stopped abruptly.

The Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church was clad in silver and charging forward like a flood from a collapsed dam, but it instantly stopped moving.

From moving at high speed to a sudden pause, this knight legion in silver armor and white clothes didn’t get chaotic at all. More than 10,000 knights and their warhorses were in unison as if only one person and his mount were moving. The scene was dazzling.

This was a terrifying troop; the soldiers were cruel, violent, and merciless, but they were also powerful, mighty, and battle-hungry.

Compared to this silver flood, the cavalry legion of the Juventus Empire was lackluster.

Since the troop of the Holy Church suddenly stopped in the front, the Juventusians had to pull on the reins to stop their horses. Instantly, chaos appeared. Many horses fell, and many cavalrymen flew into the air, colliding with their peers.

Although this troop of Juventus had more men and seemed more terrifying, they got into a mess.

With dust flying into the air, people roared, and horses neighed.

What a disaster!

In the front of the Godly Execution Knight Legion, an extremely muscular godly knight lifted the silver mask on his helmet, revealing a handsome face with star-like eyes and sword-like brows.

However, this man didn’t have irises or pupils; his eyes were completely grey without emotions.

This pair of eyes shouldn’t grow on a human.

They were like the eyes of the Grim Reaper. Anyone who looked at them felt like their lives were taken away.

This man didn’t look at the 100,000 soldiers of the two empires who decided to commit suicide by blocking the troops of the Holy Church even though they were only less than 200 meters away. Instead, he looked at a location in the sky several thousands of meters away.

Crystalized ripples appeared over there, and a man sitting on a silver throne slowly appeared.

This man had waterfall-like black hair and was wearing a white robe.

Like a lord glancing at his subjects, this man looked at the ground. It seemed like after this man looked at them, the soldiers who were walking out of the portal were ignited, able to unleash endless power to destroy their enemies.

As soon as this man sitting on the silver throne appeared, he stole the spotlight from everyone.

“Human – Emperor – Alexander – Of – The – North!!!”

The silver-armored godly knight leading the troop on a white horse still had no emotions in his grey eyes, but when he called out the name of the man who was sitting on the silver throne in the sky, traces of emotions could be detected in his deep voice.

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