Chapter 1144: The Most Powerful Versus The Most Powerful (Part One)

[TL Note: This chapter is a three-parter.]

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“Quick! Organize our brothers and retreat! Including the 100,000 brothers who are in the back!” Cassano roared in excitement.

As soon as he saw Fei in the sky, Cassano’s heart that had been in his throat dropped back down into his chest. He tried hard not to cry at this moment.

Then, Cassano asked his subordinate to drop him down, and he started to command this broken troop while enduring the excruciating pain.

This troop was the last force of the two empires. The more people that he could save, the better it was.

Cassano didn’t want any single one of these brothers, who went through this journey, to die right before the light of hope shined on them.

Under Cassano’s command, the 400,000 soldiers kept calm and retreated in order. Even those 100,000 soldiers who decided to sacrifice themselves to buy time for their peers started to go back; they were only 200 meters away from the powerful enemies of the Holy Church.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the area was strange.

The military of Chambord and the godly knight legion of the Holy Church stood their grounds and looked at each other from thousands of meters away; they saw each other as powerful enemies.

Between these two forces, the 400,000 fatigued soldiers of Inter Milan and AC Milan quickly moved toward the Northern Region in silence. They soon marched through the yellow grassland and crossed the Strait of Naples, getting into the Northern Region.

In the sky, Deputy Commander Kassai of the Godly Execution Knight Legion felt awkward; he didn’t know if he should back away or battle. In fact, he didn’t even dare to move.

Ever since the Human Emperor of the North appeared in the sky in a dominating fashion, Kassai felt like a streak of terrifying power locked him down. Even if he moved slightly, he would be attacked by an insane strike.

What made Kassai feel even more awkward was that the Human Emperor of the North didn’t even look at him! This lord treated him, the Deputy Commander of the Godly Execution Knight Legion, as air.

As if he sensed it as well, the Human Emperor of the North also looked at the muscular man in silver armor and white clothes thousands of meters away.

When their eyes met, invisible sparks appeared in the air.

The silver-armored man suddenly smiled. However, since his eyes were completely grey, his expression looked creepy and strange. He said, “Human Emperor of the North? Do you want to protect these evil followers who rebelled against the Holy Church? Do you want to stand on the other side of the Holy Church? Becoming the enemy of the gods who are awakening?”

“Stand on the other side of the Holy Church?” Fei’s laugh sounded in everyone’s ears, “It is the Holy Church that has always been standing against me, no? Since you continuously tried to kill me, why can’t I kill a few minions of yours?”

“Reckless!” the tens of thousands of soldiers in the Godly Execution Knight Legion roared at the same time. A unique presence suddenly appeared in this legion and soared into the sky, and the murderous spirits made the temperature in the area drop.

The silver-armored knight slowly waved his hand, and then he looked at Fei with disappointment in his grey eyes.

“It seems like you placed yourself completely on the other side of the Holy Church. This is truly disappointing. Alexander, since you are the Bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine, you should know the Code of God. How can you do ridiculous things that stain the gods? Do you want all the humans in the Northern Region to die with you due to your ambition?”

This man’s voice wasn’t as resonant as that of Fei, but it contained great power of persuasion and trickery, hammering people’s souls. The people with weaker wills would kneel and cry when hearing this voice.

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