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Hail the King Chapter 1144.3

Chapter 1144: The Most Powerful Versus The Most Powerful (Part Three)

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Even if this mixed cavalry legion was defeated, the reputation of the Northern Region Empire wouldn’t be affected that much. To many people, it was normal for a newly-established cavalry legion to lose to the Godly Execution Knight Legion, the most powerful cavalry legion in the world.

However, even though the Holy Church knew that this was a trap, the Godly Execution Knight Legion couldn’t back away and had to battle.

If the Godly Execution Knight Legion retreated, the presence and the morale of the Holy Church would fall.

Also, if the battle ended in a draw or a tragic victory for the Godly Execution Knight Legion, the Holy Church would suffer unbearable harm as well

This was a clear case of being burdened by fame.


The silver-haired, grey-eyed, and muscular knight shouted with decisiveness. He pulled down his mask and kicked his silver unicorn, and they dashed forward like an arrow that was shot from a bow. They dashed through the yellow grassland and charged with unparalleled presence.

Behind him, the tens of thousands of silver-armored and white-clothed godly knights of the Holy Church followed his command and charged forward on their mounts.

The silver armor shined under the bright sunlight, making it seem like an avalanche suddenly appeared on the land. Chilly energy spread around, and the world seemed like it was sealed by ice.

This was the presence of the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church!

Each member at least at Five-Star strength, and they were raised by the Holy Church from a young age. They were all valiant and perseverant.

These knights were confident and fearless. Even if they were facing demons, they wouldn’t back off.

The muscular figure charging in the front was the soul of the legion!

There were many deputy commanders of the Godly Execution Knight Legion who had the title but no actual power. There was only one true commander, and he was the pride of all godly knights. He was living legendarily himself! He blinded himself just not to see all the sins in the world.

The silver-haired and grey-eyed godly knight who was charging in the front on the silver unicorn was named Atkinson.


“In the name of God!”

“Crush all sins before us!”

-On the other side-

In the front of the black mixed cavalry legion, Lampard slowly put on his black b-----l helmet, and he caressed the mutated Roaring Flame Beast under him with his metal gauntlets that had many spikes on the back. When he looked back up, the giant sword [Black Lightning] had already appeared in his hand.


The mutated Roaring Flame Beast wasn’t inferior to the unicorn that Atkinson was riding.

Like a streak of black lightning, Lampard and his mount dashed forward, piercing through air and tearing through the yellow grassland.

When the Roaring Flame Beast dashed by, flames burned on the places that its hooves stepped on, looking like the trail of demons.


The tens of thousands of black-armored cavalrymen urged their mounts in silence and dashed forward like ghosts. Like a giant black cloud that was about to destroy a city, this legion’s presence suddenly rose and seemed like a black flame from Hell that was burning on the grassland.

One black one white!

On the battleground, two groups of distinct cavalry legions rushed toward each other like two needles that were about to collide. Their presences roared, and they quickly approached each other.

The 400,000 soldiers of the two empires had already passed through the border, leaving the vast grassland to the two cavalry legions. Such a flatland was perfect for cavalrymen to battle it out.

The ground was trembling, and the blood was burning.

This was the first official battle between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church.

This battle was going to start the war between the two biggest forces on the Azeroth Continent.

1,000 meters…

500 meters…

200 meters…

50 meters…

The presence of both sides skyrocketed, and even the air became heated.


The silver-haired and grey-eyed Atkinson raised the giant silver dragon lance in his hand, and the heated of the God of Radiant Light appeared around him. Like the sun, he led the charge of the Godly Execution Knight Legion of Holy Church.


At the same time, black-helmeted and black-armored Lampard raised his giant sword, [Black Lightning]. While cracking noises sounded, lightning energy turned in silver snakes and jumped out.

The most powerful versus the most powerful!

These two figures who were the heads of the black arrow and white arrow collided for the first time.

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      At this point all Fei has to do is say he wants to switch and 99% of the people will go with him.

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