Chapter 1145: Redeeming Former Glory (Part One)

[TL Note: A three-parter again!]

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Under everyone’s stare, the two most powerful people in the black and white legion collided into each other.

“Victory!” the godly knights of the Godly Execution Knight Legion roared at the same time.

“Invincible!” the cavalrymen in the mixed legion of Chambord shouted back without fear.

The roars of these tens of thousands of soldiers shook the sky as they cheered for their leaders. The two men who were battling right now represent the most powerful individual combat force in their legions.

To the godly knights, Atkinson was the symbol of victory.

Ever since the creation of the Godly Execution Knight Legion, they had never seen anyone who could block a single lance strike from Atkinson. Every time Atkinson’s lance struck out, an enemy died. There were no exceptions.

To the mixed legion of the Northern Region Empire, Golden Lion Lampard represented invincibility.

Although this mixed cavalry legion was recently formed, the supreme Emperor Alexander and the priests of the Beast God Palace poured their hearts and souls into it. The position of the legion commander was determined through a series of fierce competitions, and many orc masters and human masters in the Northern Region joined. In the end, Golden Lion Lampard who recently came out of his cultivation defeated all opponents and won this seat, becoming the no.1 master and the legion commander of this mixed cavalry legion.

The two people who represented the confidence of the two legions engaged under everyone’s stare.


The silver lance and the black sword surpassed the speed of light and collided.

At that moment, it seemed like the world turned silent.

An unprecedented sense of abruptness appeared in everyone’s mind.

The shocking explosion and mushroom-cloud-like energy surges that people anticipated didn’t appear.

In the center of the battlefield, the two supreme masters who collided into each other seemed to have turned into two beautiful statues along with their mounts and weapons. Time and space froze around them.

The deadly silent lasted for about four seconds.

Then, the terrifying energy waves finally appeared.


With the two supreme masters as the center, powerful energy waves dispersed into the area like ripples. The dried grass on the ground instantly turned to dust, and the naked black soil underneath started to shake as well.

Dust surged into the air, covering every inch of space. Then, under the forceful and tornado-like airflow, the dust quickly settled down.

At the point where the silver lance and the black sword collided, a thin light screen suddenly appeared, looking like a mirror.

The silver-haired and grey-eyed Atkinson and Golden Lion Lampard instantly dashed into this mirror-like light screen strangely, disappearing from the battleground.

Almost at the same time, eye-piercing light lit up in the sky, and streaks of terrifying energy rolled and tumbled.

Many cracks appeared in space, leading to the void. The two supreme masters moved in the void and battled, and their silver lance and black sword collided and created sparks that seemed like stars were exploding. All this could be vaguely seen on the ground.

This was a real god-level battle!

After encountering a real opponent, both Lampard and Atkinson couldn’t meticulously control their energy. In order to avoid injuring their own cavalry legion and destroying the Strait of Naples, they reached a tactical understanding and decided to battle in the high-sky.

Even though the two supreme masters were battling in the sky, the terrifying residual energy still surged on the ground.

Tornadoes tore chunks of land into the sky and left bottomless grooves on the ground.

If the situation continued, the thousands of cavalrymen of the two legions who were charging in the front and hadn’t engaged yet might be blown into the air.

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

A series and holy spiritual battle song sounded in the Godly Execution Knight Legion, and they could purity people’s souls.

Then, silver flames appeared in the legion that was charging forward, turning into many shadows of giant battle angels. The giant white angel wings flapped in the air, emitting energy that dropped down onto the godly execution knights. Then, a mid-tier silver energy ring appeared around every one of them.


These more than 10,000 godly knights roared at the same time, and their presence rose.

Under the empowerment of the battle ring, their strength doubled, and the presence of these 10,000 soldiers seemed like that of one million soldiers.

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