Chapter 1145: Redeeming Former Glory (Part Two)

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The silver holy power that these knights were emitting connected the ground with the sky. Looking from afar, this entire area was silver, and the holy and majestic presence filled the world, crushing toward the mixed legion like an avalanche.

This legion was instantly united, and the residual energy waves created from the two supreme masters’ battle was completely canceled out when they were less than 100 meters away from this legion.

“This is the unique battle technique of the Godly Execution Knight Legion, holy power battle ring…”

This scene made Cassano who was observing gasp, and his face changed color.

The most elite cavalry legion of the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire, [Lightning Knight Legion], was ranked within the top ten on the entire continent, and it was invincible for a period. It was famous in the Central Region for its combat ability, and it conquered cities and occupied land with ease. However, when charging against the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church, the Lightning Knight Legion only lasted less than 20 minutes before it collapsed and was cleanly wiped out.

The core reason that led to the obliteration which the soldiers of the two empires didn’t want to recall was the battle ring of the Holy Church. The mages in the Lightning Knight Legion couldn’t win against the priests of the Holy Church in terms of empowering their soldiers with bonus strength and other attributes. The unique battle ring of this legion was the counter to almost all cavalry legions.

That scene where the Godly Execution Knight Legion crushed the Lightning Knight Legion was imprinted in Cassano’s mind.

Now, seeing the Godly Execution Knight Legion using the same trick, Cassano grew anxious and was worried that this powerful mixed cavalry legion that his brother just put together might be wiped out in its first battle. Therefore, he couldn’t help but shout to remind Fei.

However, what happened next on the battlefield stunned him!

As if it was a direct response to the changes that took place in the Godly Execution Knight Legion, a series of loud singing sounded in the mixed legion as if they came from the singers’ souls.

The singing contained a type of energy on pair with the power in the holy spiritual battle songs.

Then, many giant, mystical, and b-----l symbols appeared in the sky, and endless light poured down into the cavalrymen like a shower of light. Something similar to the battle rings of the Holy Church appeared on these cavalrymen’s body.

Their strength and presence instantly skyrocketed at a fast speed.

The orc cavalrymen and their mounts were especially stimulated, and it seemed like they went berserk.

Their bodies that were already muscular started to bulge, almost exploding their black armor. Their hair also stood on end like iron needles.

The totemic images of various clans appeared above the head of these orcs, and their eyes turned red while white steam jetted out of their nostrils, looking like sharp swords.

The presence of the mixed legion also increased by many times.

Streaks of mystical black mist also rose from the legion and blocked the sky and the sun, and the black mist wasn’t inferior to the silver light engulfing the Godly Execution Knight Legion.

The entire mixed cavalry legion was covered in the terrifying black mist, and for a moment, their enemies thought that the soldiers of death just walked out of Hell.

“This is… right! The legendary behemoth battle song!” Cassano was shocked. He suddenly realized why Fei was so confident in his mixed legion.

In legends, although the behemoth orcs couldn’t use magic energy, they could unleash mystical power using songs to increase their strength, warrior energy, defense, and will. At the same time, they could reduce their enemies’ strength and resistance. The songs of the behemoth orcs were magical.

In the Mythical Era, these battle songs were referred to as the third type of energy.

Since the Behemoth Orc Tribe had disappeared on the continent for too long, many people had already forgotten about the existence of their unique power and the dominance of orc cavalry legions that were invincible throughout the land.

Today, the overbearing cavalry legion of this forgotten race finally appeared on the continent again. They were going to redeem their former glory.

Even though they were facing the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church, the No.1 Cavalry Legion in the world, the mixed cavalry legion of the Northern Region Empire wasn’t afraid.

“Regardless of what the result of this battle is, one thing is for sure. From today on, the cavalry legion of the Holy Church that is unrivaled on flatland combat will no longer dominate!”

Cassano stood straighter to quietly watch the opening of this grand battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two currents, one black and one white, finally smashed into each other.

Blood spilled, and bones broke. Warhorses neighed, and strange beasts roared.

The two terrifying cavalry legions finally started the most primitive and cruel combat.

The silver holy power and the black mist intertwined, devouring and eliminating each other. Light hissing noises sounded as if space shattered, and the holy spiritual battle song and the behemoth battle song continued to resonate in the area while flames burned. Silver armor and black armor flew into the sky, and cavalrymen fell before more rushed up.

This scene looked like two giant mountains smashed into each other.

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