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Hail the King Chapter 1145.3

Chapter 1145: Redeeming Former Glory (Part Three)

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Sabers and polearms were raised, and metal-colliding noises sounded. While warhorses neighed, blood flew into the air.

The godly knights emitted brilliant silver light. Their silver warhorses were all meticulously chosen, and they were supreme horses with demon beast bloodline. They could become one with the knights.

Also, the armor uniquely designed for the warhorses could perfectly protect their weak locations such as their eyes and knees, and spikes could be seen on them, able to damage the enemies.

Without exaggeration, each warhorse of the Godly Execution Knight Legion had the damage of a Star-Level Warrior.

However, when such a legion faced the mixed legion of the Northern Region Empire, they couldn’t utilize their advantages.

The mounts of the behemoth orcs were beyond humans’ understanding.

The light and agile cavalrymen of the Wolf Clan were riding on unique wolves, and these mounts could leap for 50 meters. Under the empowerment of the power of totems, they were as fast as the wind, and it was impossible to capture them.

The cavalrymen of the Wolf Clan traveled in the small cracks and weaknesses in the formation of the Godly Execution Knight Legion, and their curved sabers that were paper-thin but sharp could go through the thin slits between the components of the armor that the godly knights and their white warhorses were wearing. Although the injuries weren’t lethal, they still caused excruciating pain.

The strong cavalrymen of the Bear Clan rode on their giant earth bears, and they were like many massive indestructible walls. They used their brute force and giant size to create insane momentum. Even those godly knights who charged into them were knocked back while puking blood.

Also, some centaurs were the perfect combination of cavalrymen and mounts. They were fast and had impressive archery skills.

On the side, there were cavalrymen of the Bull Clan who were known for their physical strength, the lightning-like cavalrymen of the Leopard Clan…

The various types of orc cavalrymen made the godly knights extremely uncomfortable.

This was the most frustrating charging battle that the Godly Execution Knight Legion had ever faced since its inception. The godly knights felt like they were suppressed by their enemies from all aspects.

In terms of physical strength, they couldn’t fight with the cavalrymen of the Bull Clan and Bear Clan.

In terms of agility, they could rival the cavalrymen of the Wolf Clan and Leopard Clan.

In terms of archery, the centaurs were better.

In terms of strategies and quick commands, the Roaring Flame Beast Riders of Chambord were strong as well.

Even their pride, the battle rings that their priests could cast on them, couldn’t defeat the battle songs and the power of totems of the Behemoth Orc Tribe.


Kone, an orc warrior of the Bear Clan, shouted the battle phrase of the mixed legion. He swung his giant double axes that looked like doors, knocking away more than ten silver lances that were piercing toward him like raindrops in a storm. Then, he twisted his wrists, and the two giant axes struck out horizontally like two lightning bolts.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

The giant axes broke the silver lances that were blocking the way, and the momentum carried the axes forward and chopped the terrified godly knight in front of Kone into many pieces alongside his mount.

At the same time, another godly knight saw this opportunity now that Kone was distracted. With a vicious grin, he charged forward, and his silver lance shot forward like a snake. The lance pierced through Kone’s black armor and his shoulder, and blood leaked out through the blood grooves.

“Up!” this godly knight roared with his eyes wide open.

Powerful silver holy flames suddenly burned around this godly knight, and he unleashed his force through his shoulders. The silver lance started to bend as this godly knight wanted to send Kone into the air.

“Haha! Just you?”

Kone laughed hysterically as if the lance didn’t pierce his shoulder. Then, he lightly kicked the earth bear underneath, telling his mount to charge forward. With the silver lance still in his shoulder, Kone instantly got to this godly knight and chopped out with his axes, turning this godly knight who couldn’t react in time into two pieces.

“Haha! Invincible!”

Kone pulled out the silver lance that pierced his shoulder, and he tossed it forward. The silver lance stained by his blood turned into a light beam and instantly pierced two godly knights in front of him who didn’t anticipate this.

This young warrior of the Bear Clan completely showcased the fierce and fearless nature of the behemoth orcs.

Such tragic fights were happening everywhere on the battleground.

The Godly Execution Knight Legion was the no.1 cavalry legion on the continent after all, and its strength couldn’t be ignored. The godly knights’ coordination, the grasp of opportunities, and their belief in victory were deep in their bones. They were still demonstrating these qualities even though they had never faced these enemies and suffered way more casualties than expected in the first wave of attacks.

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