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Hail the King Chapter 1146.1

Chapter 1146: The New Power Dynamics (Part One)

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This silver cavalry legion’s morale rose, and the godly knights became more heated.

In the first charge, the Godly Execution Knight Legion and the mixed cavalry legion of the Northern Region Empire collided and battled for more than ten minutes. Then, as if both sides reached a tactical understanding, they pulled away from each other in crescent-shaped formations. They slowly pulled the reins on their mounts and quickly reorganized and adjusted their formations. From messy and chaotic to organized and structured, this process only took a few seconds.

The white and black currents made a big circle on the grassland, looking like a vague Tai Chi symbol when observing from the sky.

Within minutes, the two legions were more than 1,000 meters apart, and they turned their mounts around. Then, they got into formation and prepared for the second charge. Only when the cavalry was charging at max speed could they unleash the maximum amount of force and utilize their advantages.

“The abilities of this powerful race from the Mythical Era can’t be overlooked! Nothing is overstated!” Cassano flew into the air for a bit and sighed.

Beside him, there were Milito, Palacio, and Shaarawy who were all healed by Fei. These four young lords stood around Fei and watched this battle from the sky.

The combat strength of the cavalrymen of the Behemoth Orc Tribe shocked these four supreme masters.

Even though this world was dominated by powerful individual strength, the combat strength of military legions still couldn’t be overlooked. The Holy Church was dominant on the continent for several reasons. Other than having countless masters, they also had faithful, loyal, and powerful troops.

During wars between super empires, the effects of such troops far exceeded supreme masters.

The core reason that led to the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire’s destruction was that they lacked powerful military. Even though they had famous masters such as Shaarawy and Cassano, these masters couldn’t shield all the territories of the two empires, and many cities were taken down by the troops of the Holy Church.

With the support of the Behemoth Orc Tribe, the power of the Human Emperor of the North more than doubled!

Looking down from the sky, the Godly Execution Knight Legion and the mixed cavalry legion of the Northern Region Empire almost finished the second wave of charging. The Godly Execution Knight Legion changed its formation and strategy, but it still didn’t obtain the advantage against this mixed legion. The ratio of casualties on both sides shocked the godly knights.

The silver-haired and grey-eyed Atkinson couldn’t remain calm anymore. He decided to charge forward and battle, but he didn’t plan on wiping out the enemies. He only wanted to use the power of the Godly Execution Knight Legion to tear open the Human Emperor of the North’s military, greatly suppressing the presence and morale of this opponent of the Holy Church that was growing stronger by the day. He knew that many confrontations were going to happen between the two forces, and he wanted to have a great start by making the Chambordians and the military of the Northern Region become fearful of the Holy Church.

However, even though Atkinson used all his strength, the effect wasn’t as he had expected.

This muscular man who was using the giant black sword had a type of mystical energy, and he was only slightly weaker than Atkinson who already marched over the threshold of mortality.

This man had immense combat experience, and his strategy was stable and safe. His combat style was conservative, and he didn’t go for the risky moves.

After battling for about 20 minutes, Atkinson didn’t even see any opportunities that he could use to quickly end the battle.

“Who is this red-haired man with the black sword? How come I’ve never heard of him before? There is such a person in the Northern Region? Since he already surpassed the threshold of mortality, why is he willingly staying as the Human Emperor of the North’s henchman? With his strength, he can establish a powerful empire himself…”

The longer the battle continued, the more fearful that Atkinson became.

Before, he thought that even without his legion, he could rival the Human Emperor of the North. Now, he couldn’t even deal with a general under the Human Emperor of the North’s command.

“It seems like the Human Emperor of the North’s terrifying ability is well beyond my estimations.”

When looking at that emperor in white who was sitting on the jade-like throne and observing the battle, a trace of fear appeared in Atkinson’s grey eyes.

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