Chapter 1146: The New Power Dynamics (Part Two)

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Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he had to! He wasn’t on the same level as this man!


The silver lance collided with the black sword once again, and lightning energy and holy power aggressively attacked each other.

The chaotic energy waves dispersed into the area. Like knives that were cutting paper, the space around Atkinson and Lampard shattered and was torn into pieces. The spatial fragments flew in all directions like a shattered mirror. Then, the laws of nature quickly mashed the fragments together and repaired the shattered space.

“We can determine the outcome of this battle later. Enemy General, do you dare to leave your name?”

Atkinson already had the thought of retreating. By using this opportunity, he turned into a beam of light and dashed away for a bit. After creating some distance between the two, he asked the question while the space around him continued to collapse and rebuild.

“Northern Region, Golden Lion.”

Lampard was calm and stable like a giant mountain. While standing in mid-air, his long red hair fluttered while terrifying lightning energy spread. His entire body was engulfed in liquid-like lightning energy, and it was able to melt through everything.

“Ok, there will be another battle between us one day, and we will determine who is stronger then.”

By the time Atkinson said that, he had already disappeared.

In the next second, he returned to the front of the Godly Execution Knight Legion on the ground that was preparing for the fourth charge.

“Sir!” Seeing their commander’s return, the godly knights who were covered in blood became hyped.

They were waiting for this godly knight who was a living legend to issue the command of attack. Just like before, they were going to reveal their real fangs and tear these evil beings who dared to oppose the legion of gods into pieces.


Atkinson raised his silver lance at an angle and issued the unexpected order of retreat.

“Sir?” A deputy commander and a few officers couldn’t even react in time, and they asked in disbelief.

“There couldn’t be a proper end to today’s battle. The Northern Region Empire… we aren’t prepared for a full-on war with them yet. Let’s retreat!” Atkinson’s tone sounded bleak, and other godly knights had never heard it before.

In three charges and direct battles, the Godly Execution Knight Legion that had about 10,000 godly knights lost close to 2,000 members. The legion had never experienced this level of heavy casualties.

The two legions seemed to have reached a draw after three charges, but a draw was a failure in the eyes of the Godly Execution Knight Legion that was the No.1 Cavalry Legion on the continent. They always took care of their enemies in one charge, and they finally encountered a worthy opponent.

Under the leadership of the silver-haired, grey-eyed Atkinson, the Godly Execution Knight Legion slowly pulled back. Their formation was still organized, and they weren’t anxious.

The legion merged with the troops of Juventus far away and set up temporary campsites.

Meanwhile, Lampard also returned to the front of the mixed cavalry legion. He didn’t chase after the enemies.

Under the current situation, it was impossible to obtain victory in a short time. The mixed cavalry legion was only established less than three months ago, yet it was already able to rival the Godly Execution Knight Legion head-on. This was enough to shock the continent and establish dominance.

Without question, the black and white legions were the two most powerful cavalry legions on the continent, and they were going to be each other’s mortal enemy until one legion disappeared.

In the sky, Fei watched as the Godly Execution Knight Legion retreated, and he decided not to attack in the end.

In the sky to the south, Fei sensed streaks of powerful godly presences. It was clear that the powerful masters of the Holy Church didn’t show themselves; they weren’t ready for a full-on war with the Northern Region. At least they couldn’t wage a war against Fei’s empire in public.

On this day, the last 400,000 soldiers of Inter Milan and AC Milan were forced to leave the Central Region, and the Human Emperor of the North personally received them on the border.

At the Strait of Naples, the mixed cavalry legion under this emperor’s command drew even with the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church that previously had a 100 percent win rate, and this new cavalry legion instantly became the center of attention and shocked many people.

After the Mythical Era, the situation where forces that were beyond the scope of level 9 empires opposing each other reappeared on the continent.

From now on, the two most powerful military powerhouses on the continent officially became rivals.

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