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Hail the King Chapter 1147.2

Chapter 1147: A Short-Term Peace (Part Two)

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The Holy Church also stationed more than one million soldiers on the border, and half of them were the soldiers of the Holy Church while the other half were soldiers of Juventus.

Many fortresses and campsites were set up along the long border, not daring to lower their guard.

The two forces looked at each other with ambition, hostility, and alertness.

However, before they actually made up their mind for the war, they weren’t confident that they could take on their opponent. Although there were small-scale skirmishes, no actual war broke out.

Fei had been busy digesting the result of the battle at the Strait of Naples.

To the 400,000 defeated soldiers of Inter Milan and AC Milan who survived the disaster, it was impossible for them to revive their former level 9 empires.

It wasn’t just because they didn’t have the strength. The royal bloodlines of the two empires were completely wiped out by the Holy Church, and no one could claim the inheritance. Therefore, there was no way that they could re-establish those two empires.

The only mission of the soldiers who survived was to seek revenge and destroy the Holy Church.

Therefore, after Fei promised them that he would one day give them enough strength to seek revenge, these 400,000 elite soldiers who had been through the cruelest challenges instantly swore loyalty to the Northern Region Empire without hesitation.

Shaarawy, Milito, Cassano, and Palacio all joined the Northern Region Empire and became powerful generals under the Human Emperor of the North’s command.

Such a result was beyond Fei’s expectations.

These 400,000 soldiers were all brave warriors who had been through a lot, and they had immense combat experience and wisdom. Fei separated these soldiers and put them in various legions in the ten military districts as officers, and they could help the graduates from Chambord’s military school to temper the legions.

Fei didn’t doubt these people’s loyalty.

Under the cruel suppression and massacres of the Holy Church, these people still decided to fight to the death. They would rather become homeless and wander to other nations instead of lowering their heads against violence. They were all great men, and their bravery and persistence were showcased during the battle at the Strait of Naples.

Since these warriors swore loyalty to the Northern Region Empire, they wouldn’t go back on their words.

Also, the addition of the four young lords such as Shaarawy greatly improved the strength of the force. The Northern Region Empire lacked supreme masters who could dominate over a region except for the silver crystal battle soul warriors who could only follow simple commands, but now with these young lords joining the empire, its true strength increased by several folds in a short time.

By capitalizing on a rare peace in this Chaos Era, Fei was slowly turning the Northern Region into an iron block according to his plan.

Fei was extremely busy these days.

Except for trying to further integrate the grand godly realm, the king had meetings with the elites of the empire almost every day, discussing all current issues.

Now knowing that the Polluters were coming, should the empire wage war against the Holy Church? This was the question that bothered Fei and his strategists. After all, the Holy Church was a human force. If the war started, it would be an internal conflict, greatly reducing the strength of the intelligent species on the continent.

Without question, it wasn’t beneficial toward the plan of defending against the Polluters.

The best way was to push the wolves to devour the tiger, letting the Holy Church battle it out with the Polluters first before the Northern Region Empire comes in and takes care of the rest.

Unfortunately, it seemed like not a single Polluter had appeared on the Azeroth Continent.

A month after the battle at the Strait of Naples, the Northern Region Empire received a request for assistance from the Human Alliance in the Southern Region.

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