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Hail the King Chapter 1148.2

Chapter 1148: The Unity Call at Bali Island (Part Two)

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Time quickly passed by.

In just a flash, 13 days had passed.

Bali Island was in the center of the Azeroth Continent. Its geographic location was extremely unique, and it had a large landmass.

This island on the inland sea was connected to all the bodies of water in all five regions. According to the ancient tradition, this island was divided into five, each belonging to one region.

The scenery on Bali Island was beautiful, and most of the landmass was flatland. Several million people could reside on the island comfortably.

In the last ten days, the various superpowers on the continent sent out their elite expeditionary troops, and they arrived on Bali Island using various methods.

Now, more than 40 empires had sent close to 700,000 soldiers. They got here using methods such as boats and teleportation arrays, and they set up temporary campsites on the island.

The island that was usually peaceful and tranquil now became noisy with people talking and horses neighing. Thousands of flags were flapping in the air, and many weapons reflected the sunlight.

Looking around, many military campsites of various sizes were placed on the island like stars in the sky. Soldiers were wearing different armor, and many shocking streaks of energies were hidden in the campsites while magic flames burned around some tents.

The forces that could send soldiers here all had deep wealth and advanced technologies. After all, it wasn’t easy to travel for millions of kilometers in a few days.

In Bali Island, there was a big river named Lancang. This river passed through the island and divided it into two; it was quite unique.

The troop of the Holy Church had arrived more than ten days ago.

This time, the Holy Church had sent some of its hidden force, and it was shocking.

More than ten giant silver battleships that could fly in the sky dashed through space. While casting giant shadows on the ground, they landed on the south bank of Lancang River before setting up their campsite.

The Holy Church occupied a massive territory, and all kinds of magic palaces, buildings, and godly statues were quickly put together in less than a day. It looked luxurious, and it seemed like a giant godly-palace-like fortress was directly moved to Bali Island.

Juventus and Barcelona each sent out close to 50,000 elite soldiers, and they looked aggressive and haughty. They set up campsites on the two sides of the campsite of the Holy Church, taking two great positions that had terrain advantages.

A bit further away, there were the campsites of those empires that decided to align themselves with the Holy Church.

Based on their strength level and their relationships with the Holy Church, these campsites were placed in various places on the south bank of Lancang River.

Those empires that didn’t have the best relationships with the Holy Church set up their campsites on the north bank of Lancang River. These included the Liverpool Empire and Arsenal Empire from the Eastern Region and the Madrid Empire from the Western Region.

Not every superpower was a fan of the Holy Church.

Especially after the destruction of the Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire, everyone saw the Holy Church’s ambition. After all, not everyone was an idiot.

It was clear that the Holy Church wanted to wipe out all empires on the continent and create one single force where the church ruled over everything.

However, the Holy Church took the moral high ground this time and called for the human alliance. Under that pressure and momentum, these superpowers that weren’t fans of the Holy Church still had to come.

This didn’t mean that these empires were willing to become the Holy Church’s affiliated empires like Juventus. Under such pressure, the Northern Region Empire seemed to be a better choice. They all wanted the Human Emperor of the North to quickly arrive on Bali Island to shoulder the pressure coming from the Holy Church.

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