Chapter 1149: The Commander of the Northern Region Empire (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so it is divided into four parts.]

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When it was the morning of the last day, the troop of the Northern Region Empire still didn’t appear in Bali Island, despite the hopes of those superpowers on the north bank of Lancang River.

This made the forces on the side of the Holy Church extremely happy.

Without the obstacle of the Human Emperor of the North, the Holy Church was going to become the core of this alliance force without question, showing its importance to the human race.

To the Holy Church and its followers, the Goblin Empire was a wide-open treasure house. As long as they could defeat this vicious race, they could get their hands on the recipes and creation methods of magic weapons and zeppelins. Then, their forces would quickly expand and grow!

The superpowers residing on the north bank of Lancang River were greatly disappointed.

The situation was quite clear now.

Without the Northern Region Empire, they couldn’t rival the Holy Church that was getting stronger by the day. Everyone knew that the war in the Southern Region was a big piece of delicious meat. However, without the Human Emperor of the North, the only lord who could rival the Holy Church, these forces on the north bank of the river that didn’t have great relationships with the Holy Church wouldn’t be able to have a share of the meat. They couldn’t even taste the meat broth!

Time quickly passed by.

In a flash, it was already noon on the last day.

The loud bugle of light sounded in the magic godly palaces of the Holy Church, and it echoed throughout the entire Bali Island. The temporary ceremony altar was already set up in the center of the island, and the leaders of various superpowers already appeared.


A streak of powerful energy suddenly shot out of the godly palaces of the Holy Church and shocked the Bali Island.

A streak of silver light landed on the altar.

When everyone realized what was going on, a figure engulfed in holy flames appeared on the highest position on the altar. All the light within one meter of this figure became twisted, and no one knew who this person was.

Clearly, this person had shocking holy power and was the head of the troop of the Holy Church in this mission.

The surging holy power radiated from this figure in light, and the holy power spread to every corner of the island. The shocking pressure made the 800,000 soldiers on the island feel suffocated.

The ordinary soldiers were feeling a bit better, but those masters who were more sensitive to warrior energy and magic energy heard booming noises in their ears, and they suddenly felt like mountains were thrown onto them. They almost instantly knelt on the ground.

For a moment, countless people knelt around the altar uncontrollably.

For those masters on the north bank of Lancang River, since they were hostile toward the Holy Church, this mysterious figure targeted them more than others. Streaks of pressure originating from the holy power dashed toward them, and they had to unleash their full force to deal with it.

“Puff…!” A master of Madrid was suppressed so much that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Ahhhh!” A master of Liverpool was also being targeted. His spine was already bent, his knees trembled, and his muscles were being torn. However, he still roared and wasn’t willing to kneel.

This powerful existence of the Holy Church was trying to use dominating force to shame these forces that weren’t willing to side with the Holy Church.

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