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Hail the King Chapter 1150.1

Chapter 1150: Shocked (Part One)

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“This is hilarious. Did all the men in the Northern Region Empire die? They need these women to fight for them?” the master of Barcelona who mocked before shouted again.

Under the leadership of this master, the other members of the forces that sided with the Holy Church all laughed and cheered.

Indeed, in this world, men were more valued, and women faced more prejudice. It was rare for a woman to become the leader of a troop. Even in terms of deities, gods had more followers than goddesses.

Shaarawy and Cassano looked angry, and they were about to fight back…

At this moment, Valkyrie Elena lightly waved her slender hand, and a streak of terrifying magic energy exploded.

Ten blue and radiant icicles appeared in the next second in mid-air, and they already pressed onto the masters in the crowd who mocked the Northern Region Empire. These icicles were aiming between their brows.

No one saw how these icicles appeared.

It seemed like these ten icicles were already there, and people only didn’t see them since they were invisible.

Like great art pieces carved out by masters, these icicles all had six edges. Like lengthened snowflakes, these icicles were hollow around the edges, and the thin parts looked like crystals, reflecting the sunlight. However, the edges seemed as sharp as iron blades, and it felt like the edges of these icicles could tear open space.

No one dared to underestimate the power of these small icicles.

Especially those masters who had icicles pressed against their foreheads, at this moment, they felt like the chilliness coming from the icicles could even freeze their souls. They couldn’t circulate their warrior energy and magic energy to block it, and they felt like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. If the icicles moved forward by half an inch, their lives would be ended.

Now, when the masters in the area looked at the gorgeous Valkyrie, their expressions changed.

Those people who looked at Elena with desire and lust all calmed down, and they lowered their heads and didn’t dare to offend her.

Only gasps could be heard from the crowd.

After Elena showed her power, these masters all knew what they were dealing with.

The Valkyrie only lightly waved her hand, yet the power shocked everyone here.

It was good that Elena wasn’t murderous and only wanted to warn those people who held hostility toward the Northern Region Empire. After those masters who were mocking the Northern Region Empire shut their mouths, the ten icicles shivered and disappeared. Only those who mocked the Northern Region Empire trembled in fear and didn’t dare to say anything else.

“Humph! The Northern Region Empire sure is powerful! You didn’t only come late, but you also attacked and threatened our peers. Do you think that this world belongs to the Human Emperor of the North?” that mysterious figure of the Holy Church said cunningly while being engulfed in holy flames.

This person sure was shameless. When he pressured the masters of Liverpool and other empires, he even used his murderous spirits. However, now that Elena only slightly punished these people who had ill-intentions, he jumped out and accused her of wrongdoing, trying to instigate conflict and completely forgetting what he had done.

“Yuck! F*cking shameless! It was you who attacked first!” Shaarawy couldn’t hold back his anger and cursed.

“I already said that I was joking.” This figure engulfed in holy flames was shameless to an extreme degree.

“You dog! You can joke around; why can’t Queen Elena Her Highness joke around?” Shaarawy mocked back.

Now, everyone finally realized the true identity of the Valkyrie.

“She is Human Emperor Alexander of the North’s queen!”

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