Chapter 1151: Recommendation (Part One)

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Seeing this, the masters of Barcelona and Juventus were all alarmed, and they knew that things didn’t seem right.

It was shocking that a queen of the Northern Region Empire had such power, and she knocked away the leader of the troop of the Holy Church with one arrow. All the masters who sided with the Holy Church felt an indescribable sense of defeat.

“How dare you attack me? You crazy woman! Do you know what you are doing? Even the Human Emperor of the North doesn’t dare to do this to me…” a series of angry roars sounded from the base of the altar.

The leader of the troop of the Holy Church finally showed his figure that had been hidden behind the holy flames.

This man was wearing a blood-red godly robe and a golden helmet with a human-face mask on it to block his appearance. No one knew what his expression looked like right now under the mask, but his body was shivering due to anger and shame. It showed that a storm was coming.

This man dashed back toward the highest point of the altar like a bolt of lightning. With a violent presence, it seemed like he wanted to attack back.

On the altar, the disgust in Elena’s eye intensified. She didn’t try to counterattack or dodge.

While everyone was confused, this powerful leader of the troop of the Holy Church suddenly froze in mid-air, and his surging holy power also paused.

Crack! The golden human-faced mask that this man was wearing suddenly split in half in the middle before falling onto the ground.

Behind the golden human-faced mask, there was a 50-year-old face that was filled with shock.

“It is him!”

“One of the 12 Red-Robed Bishops of the Holy Church, Rosario! He was already a peak supreme master hundreds of years ago! He is one of the most powerful figures!”

“I can’t believe that it is him! It seems like the Holy Church values this human alliance a lot!”

“What just happened? Why did Rosario’s golden mask sudden break apart?”

“The Queen of the Northern Region didn’t only knock away Rosario with that arrow. That strike also broke his defense and cut the golden mask in half. Shockingly, Rosario didn’t even notice!”

“It seems like the Queen of the Northern Region still held back her strength. Otherwise, her arrow could have directly killed this elder of the Holy Church who got famous hundreds of years ago!”

“God! How powerful is this Queen of the Northern Region? Knocking away Rosario who is a true god… is she already a godly king?”

Many masters around the ceremony altar were powerful and had great vision. After waking up from the shock, they recognized the figure who was hidden inside the holy flames, and they figured out what happened after thinking for a while.

No wonder Rosario suddenly paused in mid-air with his presence dissipating.

Since the Valkyrie was able to cut the golden mask in half without Rosario knowing, she was capable of instantly killing him as well.

This was Elena’s silent warning to Rosario.

The huge difference in strength and the Valkyrie’s calm expression all told Rosario to act lowkey. If he continued to act arrogant due to his status as an important member of the Holy Church, this woman was going to kill him without hesitation.

Rosario had been famous for hundreds of years, and he dominated the continent. He was overbearing and powerful.

Also, this man was vicious and had killed many famous masters on the continent. That was why he tried to suppress the masters of empires such as Liverpool who opposed the Holy Church, and he even grew murderous once he obtained the advantage.

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