Chapter 1152: Elves and Gnomes (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a 2-in-1 chapter, so there are four parts.]

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A lot of information was revealed through what Rosario had said.

First, Allianz was the Capital of Munich, a dominating lord of the Southern Region with a rich history. This empire was wealthy, so it should be more powerful compared to Ormond.

Second, Allianz which was to the southeast of Bali Island was only about a few hundred thousand kilometers away, and it was closer compared to Iduna of Ormond. Therefore, the alliance should encounter fewer goblins. Even if they couldn’t defeat the goblins, there were more escape paths.

Lastly, the healing abilities of holy power were the best among all types of magic energy. With the priests of the Holy Church in the troop, the soldiers’ lives had one more level of guarantee.

Of course, most importantly, Rosario’s tone was threatening at the least.

Essentially, Rosario was forcing these various empires to pick a side. Any force that decided to go with the Northern Region Empire would soon face the punishment of the Holy Church. The Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire in the Central Region were the best examples.

Rosario’s threat was quite useful.

Before Rosario finished speaking, the commanders of the troops from more than 50 empires that were stationed on the south bank of Lancang River all said that they were willing to follow the Holy Church. They all wanted to head to the southeast to rescue the Munich Empire.

Even the commanders of the troops from five empires that were stationed on the north bank of Lancang River hesitated before lowing their heads and joining the Holy Church.

Now, out of close to 800,000 soldiers, more than 500,000 of them joined the side of the Holy Church.

Only less than 300,000 soldiers resisted the giant pressure and decided to side with the Northern Region Empire, willing to travel further away to Iduna of Ormond and face more danger.

After all, the Holy Church had dominated the continent for more than 1,000 years, and its influence couldn’t be overlooked.

“Hehehe, it seems like most people aren’t confident in the Northern Region Empire and Your Highness.” Seeing that the momentum was on their side, Rosario started to mock with a fake smile. He thought that the Holy Church was still the No.1.

However, the Valkyrie stood in the troop of the Northern Region Empire and completely ignored what Rosario said, making the latter feel defeated.

Shaarawy laughed and replied, “Haha! Old Dog! You are saying that too early! To my knowledge, the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance and the Elf Empire all responded to the call and said that they are willing to help. There is still about half a day left until the 15-day limit is up. When they arrive, they might join us, the Northern Region Empire.”

“Yeah! By then, I wonder if an old fart like you can still smile so disgustingly and brightly,” Cassano mocked at the right time as well.

Rosario slightly paused for a second. Then, he looked at the sky and laughed, “You are two homeless dogs. I won’t waste my time and energy on you. Haha! The 15-day time limit is almost over, yet the elves, dwarfs, and gnomes are nowhere to be seen. Also, these forces didn’t officially respond. You are too childish to think that these races are going to help us humans.”

Before Rosario could finish, a green lightning bolt suddenly struck down from the sky without warning.


A bottomless crater that was about ten meters in diameter appeared on the ground, and the stone surface around the edges of the crater was as smooth as a mirror.

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