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Hail the King Chapter 1152.2

Chapter 1152: Elves and Gnomes (Part Two)

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Instead of a catastrophe, it seemed like someone carefully carved and engraved this crater into the ground.

While everyone was surprised, a green plant sprout grew out of the deep crater like a playful child. As it swayed in the wind, it quickly grew bigger at a visible and shocking speed.

In just a few seconds, this sprout grew into a magical and giant tree. Hundreds of people were required to hug around the tree, and it soared into the sky with the dense green leaves touching the clouds.

This tree looked like a giant umbrella, and it covered an area with a radius of close to 500 meters. Everything about this tree seemed like a miracle.

When the wind blew by, the leaves fluttered and created a series of faint hissing sounds, seeming like chants from the prehistoric times and resonant elf battle songs.

Streaks of green mist fell from the branches and landed on the ground, forming many mystical green magic arrays.


While the noises sounded, many powerful warriors of the Elf Clan walked out of these green arrays one after another. These warriors all had graceful figures, and they looked handsome with pointy ears. Natural green magic runes were all over their pale skin that was exposed, and they were wearing ancient green armor.


Green elves!

These were the legendary warriors of the Elf Clan.

The Elf Clan really came to Bali Island! And their appearance was shocking!

These humans didn’t know what magic spell or mystical method this was. The Elf Clan set up teleportation arrays from afar and transferred many soldiers into the desired location. This must be the unique transportation method of the Elf Clan.

Rosario had just said that the elves wouldn’t show up, yet they appeared in the next second. This was a blatant face-slap!

The transportation ability of this giant green tree was stunning.

Within eight minutes, 6,000 powerful magic archers of the Elf Clan walked out of the portals and stood beside the ceremony altar.

The commander of these 6,000 magic archers was an elf priestess who looked to be 18 years old.

This elf was wearing a crown made of green branches. Upon closer inspection, these branches seemed more like metal. Mystical glares were flashing on this crown, and it contained shocking yet hidden magic power.

This female elf looked beautiful. Her eyes were pure and clear, but they contained glints of wisdom that could only be seen on sages who had been through a lot of tribulations. Her figure was slender and attractive, and she was wearing armor made from leaves and branches. Only her chest and privates were covered, and most of her body was exposed in the air. Her milk-colored skin was engulfed in beautiful green runes, making her look even more seductive and charming.

From the way that she was dressed, she seemed to be a powerful priestess from the Moon Godly Palace of the Elf Clan.

This female elf was riding a terrifying beast-emperor-level white tiger. It was more than three meters tall, much bigger than an ordinary warhorse. However, even though this mount’s presence was shocking, it wasn’t murderous but holy.

This priestess was holding a branch-like wand, and her beautiful yet fragile look made others want to protect her.

“I’m White-Tiger Priestess Susanna of the Moon Godly Palace, and I’m here to join the alliance with 6,000 level 6 elf archers!”

This priestess’s voice was crisp and pleasant like the chirping of a bird, making others feel comfortable.

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