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Hail the King Chapter 1152.3

Chapter 1152: Elves and Gnomes (Part Three)

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“Oh, you are the masters of the Elf Empire. Welcome, welcome…”

Red-Robed Bishop Rosario seemed to have forgotten that he said that the elves wouldn’t come a moment ago, and he quickly walked up with a bright smile.

Everyone could tell how powerful that these 6,000 level 6 magic archers and the White-Tiger Priestess were.

Right now, Rosario naturally wanted to pull the elves to the side of the Holy Church.

If the Holy Church could establish a close relationship with the Elf Clan through this alliance and ended up being allies after this mission, then the Holy Church would have a dominating advantage in the Western Region. Wiping out the Madrid Empire would only be a matter of time.

Rosario quickly introduced himself and lowered his presence, trying to look as amiable as possible.

This man thought that by lowering his pride, he could strike a conversation with White-Tiger Priestess Susanna, but his passion and warmth ran into complete coldness and rejection.

The White-Tiger Priestess didn’t even look at Rosario. Instead, she glanced around and slightly paused when she saw Elena. Then, she asked, “Which one of you is His Majesty? Human Emperor Alexander of the North?”

Rosario’s heart turned cold as he got a bad feeling.

Others all looked around in confusion, not understanding why this female elf asked this question.

“Could it be…”

“His Majesty didn’t come in person. It is Queen Elena Her Highness who is leading the troop of the Northern Region Empire on this expedition,” Shaarawy responded calmly.

A trace of surprise appeared on the White-Tiger Priestess’ face.

Then, Shaarawy quickly explained what had happened.

“Oh! You are Queen Elena! Your Highness, please pardon Susanna’s rudeness earlier.” Sitting on the majestic white tiger, Priestess Susanna bowed at the Valkyrie and thought for a moment. Then, she said, “It is a pity that I can’t get to witness the presence of the Human Emperor of the North. Since humans decided to split into two, and the Northern Region Empire has fewer people, the troop of the Elf Clan will join your side. Also, we are both women, so we should get along better.”

Susanna’s reasoning was upfront and honest, and others couldn’t say anything bad about it.

After saying that, this alluring White-Tiger Priestess didn’t wait for Rosario to say anything and directly led the 6,000 magic archers to stand with the troop of the Northern Region Empire.

Red-Robed Bishop Rosario froze on the spot, and his expression changed while looking embarrassed. When looking at Susanna, hidden resentment and hatred flashed in his eyes. Clearly, his resentment included the entire Elf Clan.

“Ok, since this is the case, we can set off…”

Having shamed by two women consecutively, this red-robed bishop no longer wanted to stay on Bali Island and suggested that they should move out.

However, it seemed like the gods were joking with him today.

Boom! Boom!

Before Rosario could finish speaking, the entire Bali Island shook aggressively as if an earthquake was happening.

“What is going on?”

“Is there an earthquake?”

“Are we under attack?”

“Is the island going to sink?”

People got frantic, and energy flames burned as many masters flew into the sky.

At this moment, a giant rock that was more than 30 meters wide exploded beside the altar. Then, a black drill head that was spinning rapidly pierced through the soil and became bigger and bigger.

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