Chapter 1153: Strange Mechanical Fish Troop (Part One)

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This female gnome gave people a shy impression. After only saying a few words, her pretty little face turned red like a cute apple in autumn.

The male gnome who was swearing struggled free and said angrily, “Who learned from the dwarfs? They learned from me, ok?”

While saying that, this gnome fixed his clothes and looked around casually while asking, “Is this Bali Island? Are you the human troops in this alliance?”

“Are you friends from the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance?” Shaarawy laughed and explained their identities and the current situation to the gnomes patiently.

“Ok, so it is you guys. Are you ready? When are we setting off? Daddy wants to go and kill those dirty and ugly goblins. Damn it! We are all short creatures, but our gnomes’ reputation is even stained by those green-skinned b*stards. Others all think that we are goblins…” this male gnome cursed while he spoke, and then he patted his chest and introduced himself, “Oh, let me introduce myself. Daddy is Aimar, the Captain of the Underground-Traveling Squadron of the Gnome Empire.”

This gnome was too arrogant!

Instantly, some people couldn’t bear this gnome’s aggressive and intrusive attitude.

“Hey, little brat. You look like a mouse, and you are even shorter than my saber. How can you fight in a war? Go away and let your parents come out.” A general of Barcelona observed Aimar and mocked with a cunning tone.

“Damn it! Do you want to f*cking die?” Aimer instantly got mad.

Before he finished speaking, this gnome turned into a green light beam and disappeared from where he was.


In the next moment, this general of Barcelona suddenly opened his mouth in shock. Before he could realize what was happening, a clear little footprint appeared on his face, and he was kicked away for more than ten meters. Then, he fell onto the ground and fainted.

After that, the little gnome returned to where he was.

What he did was clean and executed perfectly.

That general of Barcelona was at low-tier Moon-Class Realm, but he got knocked away. It showed that this gnome was at least a top-tier Moon-Class Elite, and he couldn’t be ignored.

“Little midget! How dare you injure him?” the other generals of Barcelona got angry.

They were members of the self-claimed No.1 Military Empire on the continent, and they were always arrogant and flashy wherever they went. There were only cases where they bullied others; others had never been able to bully them. Since they had never been treated like this, they all unleashed their power and dashed over, trying to take down this gnome as soon as they could.


Shaarawy was worried that these gnomes were going to be at a disadvantage, so he quickly tried to stop the Barcelonans.

However, what happened next was unexpected.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of popping noises sounded rapidly, striking people’s eardrums.

The seven Moon-Class Elites of Barcelona who jumped at this gnome all screamed, and they flew back like broken kites. Just like their peer who was knocked back, it was hard to tell if they were still alive or not.

“Hehe, just a bunch of weak losers like you? Do you want to fight me? Don’t you know that Daddy’s nickname is ‘God of Firearms’?”

Aimer put up a cool pose, and a delicate and beautiful gun appeared in his hands already. Smoke was coming out of the barrel, and he lightly blew on it, looking proud and arrogant.

Everyone was shocked by this.

Those masters who overlooked these gnomes all paid attention to them cautiously.

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