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Hail the King Chapter 1154.1

Chapter 1154: Plan (Part One)

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Seeing the Expeditionary Troop of the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance with such powerful strength, the people on the side of the Holy Church all felt regretful. They hoped that they could start again and show more friendliness toward the gnomes and dwarfs.

Now, this powerful troop didn’t side with the Holy Church but rather joined the side of the Northern Region Empire.

This wasn’t a good sign for these people.

If this momentum were to continue, perhaps the entire Elf Empire and the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance would side with the Northern Region Empire on future issues as well.

“The people of the Northern Region sure are extremely lucky!” Rosario felt like his old face got slapped so hard that it felt numb, and uncontrollable resentment and hatred rushed into his mind.

Only Rosario knew that he was passionate about Aimer and other gnomes for a clear reason. After pulling these beings to the side of the Holy Church, it would be easier for him to get the firearm technology. However, that little Aimer was quite sensitive and sensed danger, and he directly sided with the Northern Region Empire!

It was a big failure and miscalculation on the side of Rosario.

“Since the troops of the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance and the Elf Empire are here, we should immediately set off. Our peers in the Southern Region are being assaulted by the goblins every moment now. The earlier we go, the more people we will be able to save,” Rosario said heroically.

After saying that, he went back with the masters on his side. Without hesitation, these people returned to their campsites and started to pack up, getting ready for the expedition.

In reality, Rosario had pent-up rage, and he couldn’t vent it. Therefore, he wanted to get away from this place as soon as he could.

“Let’s go as well!” Shaarawy shouted.

Valkyrie Elena was the commander of the troop of the Northern Region Empire, but she was cold to everyone except for Fei and his close friends. Therefore, most of the commands were issued by Shaarawy and Cassano, two famous generals from the Central Region.

The Valkyrie only sat back in the troop and was responsible for taking care of the super masters in the enemies.

The leaders of empires such as Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester, and Arsenal all decided to follow the troop of the Northern Region Empire, so they couldn’t have any objections at this moment. Hearing Shaarawy’s words, they all went back and immediately ordered their troops to get ready for the expedition.

White-Tiger Priestess Susanna and that shy female gnome also stood out and ordered their troops according to Shaarawy’s words.

In less than an hour, no one could be seen on Bali Island.

Close to 800,000 soldiers moved toward the Southern Region.

This new war that represented the life and death of humans in the Southern Region was about to begin.

The Strait of Naples was the border between the Northern Region and the Central Region.

After the last troop of Inter Milan and AC Milan retreated into the Northern Region, the mixed cavalry legion under the command of the Human Emperor of the North and the Godly Execution Knight Legion of the Holy Church battled here, turning this place that had a nice scenery into a giant battleground.

The mixed cavalry legion set up a campsite here, and the Godly Execution Knight Legion also received an order, changing its mandate of always guarding the Holy Mountain into stationing at the Strait of Naples.

Golden Lion Lampard who became famous through this battle and Silver-Haired and Grey-Eyed Atkinson who had been a famous master also stayed here. One in the north of the strait and one in the south, these two masters rivaled each other from across the water.

Both the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church stationed many soldiers at the border.

In the last while, this place wasn’t peaceful. The two superpowers already set up a hostile relationship and knew that one party was going to collapse sooner or later. Although a huge-scale war hadn’t broken out, many small conflicts and skirmishes occurred.

Just as many people had guessed, before the two forces were ready for the big war, both the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church had to first digest their new territories and new citizens and make sure that all internal issues were straightened out. Before that, they couldn’t place too much focus on preparing for the big war.

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