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Hail the King Chapter 1154.2

Chapter 1154: Plan (Part Two)

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The strategy that Fei and the think tank of the Northern Region Empire decided on for the Strait of Naples focused on training the soldiers.

Many small-scale skirmishes appeared on the long border. Some of them were triggered by the Holy Church, but the majority were caused by the Northern Region Empire. With the super-long-distance magic teleportation array, the troops in the ten military districts could be switched to the border and have military exercises.

Everyone knew that once the war between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church broke out, the Strait of Naples was going to be a crucial strategic location that couldn’t be avoided, and it would be the first main battleground. The force that could obtain the victory in this first battle would most likely be the final victor.

Both the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church were trying their best to get used to this battleground.

The focus of the entire continent was on the war between humans and goblins in the Southern Region, but no one was sure that something in the Southern Region wouldn’t cause chain reactions and turn the Strait of Naples into the center of flames of war and chaos.

The situation on the continent was pulled along by Fei and his Northern Region Empire.

In the last while, Fei rarely showed his face. Most of the time, he stayed in the Godly King Palace in Sky City, and he used all the time that he had on using the power of faith to refine the grand godly realm to increase his strength.

The creation of the Northern Region Empire made Fei’s reputation reach a new height.

This made it easier for Fei to collect more power of faith to strengthen his divinity and increase the degree of fusion that he had with the grand godly realm. This was the fastest way for him to increase his strength.

Regardless of how powerful the military and the economy of the Northern Region Empire seemed, the fate of the empire relied on Fei’s personal strength and safety. In reality, for any empire, their fates were always decided by the track record of their most powerful masters.

Therefore, as long as Fei could always be victorious against the top-tier masters of the Holy Church, the Northern Region Empire would be as firm and united as an iron plate.

However, once Fei was suppressed by the masters of the Holy Church, the lives of citizens of the Northern Region Empire would become harder and harder.

Fei and his think tank saw this, and that was why Valkyrie was sent to the Southern Region to handle everything. Fei had to stay back and increase his strength as fast as he could.

In the last while, Fei made big progress. Now, the degree of fusion between him and the grand godly realm reached 21 percent.

It meant that Fei had broken through the True Gold Realm and entered the Godly King Realm.

Meanwhile, except for Golden Lion Lampard, all other Gold Saints of Chambord went into seclusion cultivation. They were all inside their saint palaces in Sky City, and they received a ton of godly herbs and resources from Fei. With all kinds of empowerment godly arrays around them, they were trying their best to increase their combat strength.

With supreme masters like Shaarawy and Cassano joining the Northern Region Empire and the expansion of the territory under Fei’s control, the strength of these Gold Saints such as Torres lagged behind and wasn’t strong enough to meet the needs of the empire.

Before, these people were the most powerful warriors of Chambord. Now, they weren’t in that position anymore.

Therefore, they had to chase after masters such as Lampard. They had to become Sun-Class Lords in the shortest amount of time as possible, and then they could barely rank in the top of the Northern Region Empire if they were stronger than mid-tier Sun-Class Realm.

Therefore, Fei set up a series of plans, and he believed that people like Torres were going to experience something miraculous. These Gold Saints’ strength was going to skyrocket!

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