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Hail the King Chapter 1155.3

Chapter 1155: An Unforgettable Scene (Part Three)

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In just a few seconds, the goblins rushed forward from three directions and were about to surround the hill.

At this moment, a series of crisp military bugle sounds resonated in the open wilderness. Dust flew into the sky, and many human cavalry teams appeared and charged out from behind the hill.

Many long flags fluttered on the hill, looking like majestic dragons.

“A human troop?” The woman suddenly understood something, and joy appeared on her face while her body shivered in excitement.

The arrival of this human troop meant that she and her daughters were saved.

“I wonder if this troop is from the Ormond Empire or the Munich Empire?” she thought to herself.

Instead of backing away, the female archers charged down the hill like bolts of lightning.

These female human warriors drew out the longswords on their waists. Wherever they went, sword lights sparked, and goblins fell to the ground like wheat that was being harvested by sickles.

In just a flash, the female human warriors already got to the young mother and her two daughters.

“Come with us.”

The three were taken back onto the hill.

The young mother looked behind the hill and saw a human troop that couldn’t be sized-up in one glance. The soldiers in this troop were dressed in black armor, and they extended to the horizon. Also, many human masters flew in the sky, supervising the area. The impressive and shocking presence soaring into the sky and filled the space between sky and land.

This was an extremely powerful human troop, and the number of soldiers and its combat force was beyond these three’s imagination.

“You are safe now. You should quickly go to the back camp.” A beautiful female archer who was about 18 years old passed each of the little girls a big piece of bread, and her gentle and friendly smile was like a spring and calmed these two little girls’ panicking minds.

“Big Sister, thank you for saving me, my mom, and my big sister,” little Anna said as she devoured the bread.

“Big Sister, where did your troop come from? Are you here to kill those scary goblins?” the older little girl took the courage and asked.

“I’m from the Northern Region Empire, and it is the great Human Emperor of the North who sent us here to eliminate the goblins. Little Sister, quickly go to the back camp. A war is about to begin.” The female rogue smiled and patted the little girls’ heads.

The tragic scenes in the Southern Region made the female rogues recall the tragedy that once took place on the rogues in Diablo World. Therefore, they were really empathetic towards these two little girls.

“Big Sister, I want to kill goblins as well. Can you teach me how to shoot arrows with a bow?” Little Anna looked up and asked.

“When you get older, Big Sister will teach you,” the female rogue replied and ordered a soldier beside her to take the young mother and the two little girls to the campsite in the back.

Many clear military commands were issued in the troop.

The young woman and her two daughters got off the hill and looked back for the last time, and they saw the beautiful archers surrounding a gorgeous, noble, and goddess-like female general with red hair.

Standing on the hill, many brave warriors charged past this female general and rushed toward the goblins further away.

This scene was unforgettable in the minds of these three, and the title ‘Human Emperor of the North’ was also stuck in their minds.

About ten years later, little Anna and her older sister became famous godly archers in the Southern Region who were looked up by many people. When mentioning the Human Emperor of the North, they were filled with gratitude. They had joined a cavalry legion of the Northern Region Empire and became the most loyal followers of the Human Emperor of the North!

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  1. Goblins that oink?
    Don’t tell me, after the author made Beastkin and called them Orcs, now we have Orcs that the author is calling Goblins?
    What’s next, will it turn out the Dwarves are 4 meters tall with one big eye?

  2. Shinku

    Thanks again Author, once again you spoiled the future of the story. We now know that Anna and her sister are going to live long enough to train and join the northern cavalry. I’m not worried about pollutes anymore.

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