Chapter 1156: The Severe Situation (Part One)

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The setting sun was as red as blood.

The bloody battle was only beginning.

The goblins that were charging in the front were struck by the magic arrows coming from the female rogues, and they fell in big groups like fields of wheat that were being harvested by sickles.

“Oink! Oink! Humans! Fresh food!”

“Charge! Kill them!”

“Eat these humans!”

The deaths of their peers didn’t faze the goblins. In their eyes, this human troop was a great source of food.

The consecutive victories that goblins had in the Southern Region made them completely overlook this human troop. After all, in previous battles, there had been cases where a few hundred goblins chased after thousands if not tens of thousands of humans!

A ton of goblins rushed out of the hills and mountains in the area.

Instead of looking like a troop, these goblins looked more like refugees. Most of the goblins were less than a meter tall, and their dark-green skin was full of wrinkles. Their triangular heads made them look malnourished, and their eyes looked like big light bulbs. Their expressions were fierce, and they wore simple metal armor while holding weapons like wooden sticks.

The goblins didn’t have any formation, and they didn’t coordinate with each other. They simply screamed and charged over fearlessly.

Their presence made them look like a group of tigers that rushed into a herd of sheep.

However, the result showed that a herd of sheep rushed into a group of tigers.

A cavalry team of the Northern Region Empire that had less than 1,000 people charged through the goblins three times, and close to 10,000 goblins were killed. Not a single goblin survived, and many green corpses filled the ground while green blood stained the land.

“With such strength, the goblins could dominate the entire Southern Region?”

Under the command flag on the hill, masters of various empires such as Gerard discussed in disbelief.

“This is not right. This is the first encounter that the expeditionary troop had with the goblins. If the military of goblins are as weak and disorganized as these goblins, how could the human troops in the Southern Region be defeated and almost wiped out?”

“Perhaps we only ran into ordinary goblins. We might encounter elite troops of goblins once we travel further in!”

The masters and commanders thought to themselves.

Using fire, the mages burned all the goblin corpses, and the blazing flames turned everything into ashes.

After the troop pushed forward for about 20 kilometers, they finally saw a destroyed human city. Close to 10,000 elite goblin soldiers were guarding this city, and Gerard volunteered and led the troop of Liverpool, taking down the enemies and securing the city within one charge. About 5,000 goblins were captured.

Under the command of people such as Shaarawy, the expeditionary troop moved into this city.

The expeditionary troop was planning to spend the first night in the Southern Region in this city.

The soldiers started to set up campsites and get organized in the city.

Suddenly, a roar resonated in the city like thunder.

“Kill! Kill all these goblins! Don’t let a single one of them live!”

Commander Gerard of Liverpool seemed to be stimulated by something. He was in charge of patrolling the city, but it seemed like he turned crazy. He dashed into the sky and arrived at the place where the captured goblins were imprisoned. Then, he unleashed his energy, and earth-elemental warrior energy fell like mountains.


A series of soft explosions sounded, and thousands of goblins were turned into dust.

“Mr. Gerard, don’t attack. Her Highness ordered that we need to keep them alive to interrogate them!”

Shaarawy instantly detected the surging energy in the sky, and he quickly rushed over. When he arrived, about 5,000 goblin captives were killed. Under rage, Gerard turned all of them into meat pies, and the stinky odor and green blood were everywhere.

“You killed them all?” Shaarawy was confused. “What happened? Why is General Gerard so angry?”

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