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Hail the King Chapter 1156.2

Chapter 1156: The Severe Situation (Part Two)

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“Follow me.” Gerard didn’t want to say anything, and he led Shaarawy to the center of the city where the goblin troops stored food.

When Shaarawy saw the human corpses where their limbs and heads were eaten, the chunks of half-cooked human organs, the women and children who were tortured unconscious, and a senior who was still alive, but one of his arms was eaten with white bones exposed in the air…

“Kill! Kill them all! From now on, the expeditionary troop won’t take any captives! I will kill every single goblin on the continent!” Shaarawy was extremely furious. He hadn’t even hated the Holy Church this much.

“The goblins are inhumane beasts. No! They are lower than beasts! Except for intelligence, they are a bunch of walking murderers!”

Soon, what was discovered in the city spread in the expeditionary troop.

In fact, this news didn’t need to be spread. Humans’ limbs that were eaten, humans who were tortured to death, and pots of cooked human organs were everywhere in the city.

This was a living hell! Almost all humans were killed! Out of hundreds of thousands of people, only less than 20 survived. Even though they survived, they had become insane due to fear and torture.

Although everyone heard the news that goblins ate humans before they came to the Southern Region, they were shocked and infuriated when they saw it with their own eyes.

The roars of soldiers resonated in the city.

“No more goblin captives!”

“Kill every goblin in the Southern Region!”

The angry soldiers searched for goblins in the city. The ones who were still alive were dragged to death by horses, and teams of scouts patrolled the city and killed many goblins who were hiding.

After resting in the city for half a night, the expeditionary troop moved out in the second half of the night, rushing toward the City of Iduna.

On the morning of the second day, the expeditionary troop finally encountered a real goblin troop.

A battle occurred on the flatland.

The angry human troop performed a one-sided massacre. In high spirits, the human soldiers battled into the night and defeated close to a million goblin soldiers. Almost no goblins were taken as captives; they were killed.

That night, the expeditionary troop set up campsites on the battleground.

“Just as we expected, the first group of goblins that we encountered was composed of cannon fodder. Today, we finally encountered a real enemy troop.”

In the Central Commander’s Tent, the commanders of various empires gathered here. Shaarawy analyzed while pointing at the map, “The goblin warriors are far weaker than human warriors, but there are too many of them. I believe that the troop we just battled with is only an ordinary troop, but there were close to a million goblins already. They are like military ants!”

“You are right. The terrifying aspect of goblins isn’t their combat strength but their sheer number. You just can’t kill them off. The humans in the Southern Region lost too much territory and resources, enabling these goblins to reproduce as much as they want!”

“Among goblins, there are high-level warriors. The advisors made a simple categorization; from weak to strong, the goblins could be divided into cannon fodders, civilians, warriors, king-level masters, and emperor-level masters. There might be even more powerful goblins above that. An emperor-level goblin is equivalent to a Sun-Class Lord. Today, 15 of them were killed!”

“We haven’t encountered the legendary goblin zeppelins and other magical machines. I’m afraid that the upcoming battles will be even harder. The situation is more severe than we have anticipated!”

Although the expeditionary troop obtained the victory during the day, they weren’t optimistic.

In fact, their concerns weren’t ungrounded.

On the second day morning when the sunlight shined on the land, the expeditionary troop was surprised to find that they were surrounded by goblins!

There were so many goblins that they seemed like a green ocean! The campsites of the expeditionary troop were surrounded, and many goblin zeppelins flew in the sky, covering the sun. Both the goblin soldiers and goblin zeppelins extended to the horizon! The sheer number was shocking!

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