Chapter 1157: The Battle of Gods’ Fall (Part One)

[TL Note: Here comes another three-parter.]

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The goblin military that showed up this time was far more trained and organized than all the other goblin troops that this human expeditionary troop had encountered so far. Their formations were proper, and they all wore full armor. They held different weapons such as maces and sabers, and they had different duties. In fact, even a cavalry team appeared with goblins riding on strange mounts that looked like boars.

In the sky, the dense goblin zeppelins looked like an endless group of locusts that covered the sky, making people feel fearful.

These zeppelins looked simple, and some even exposed tree branches; dried leaves could be seen on them. It was clear that they were made from recently chopped trees. Goblin archers stood on the zeppelins, and the bigger zeppelins had magic cannons on them.

These zeppelins couldn’t pose threats to the expeditionary troop if there were only a few of them. However, when so many zeppelins flooded the sky, they brought a suffocating pressure to the region.

Standing on a high point and looking into the distance, one could see countless goblin soldiers rushing over the horizon. It seemed like the expeditionary troop was a small island that was surrounded by a surging green ocean.

Compared to chaotic and messy goblin troops that this expeditionary troop ran into before, these goblin soldiers were disciplined and didn’t charge up aimlessly.

“There are supreme masters in the enemies. There are quite a few of them!”

The masters of the expeditionary troop instantly sensed that something was wrong.

This time, many goblin masters appeared in the military, and there might be godly existences as well.

It seemed like this was a well-planned ambush battle, trapping the expeditionary troop on this flatland where they couldn’t use any terrain advantages.

“Humph! They are only a bunch of beasts! How can they learn strategies and formations from humans? Your Highness, I’m willing to lead the troop of Manchester City to teach these goblins a lesson!”

Commander Kompany of the Manchester City Empire volunteered to go first.

Kompany was a powerful supreme master, and the 50,000 soldiers of Manchester City who he brought to the Southern Region were elites. Therefore, he was quite confident.

Valkyrie Elena nodded and gave permission to Kompany.

For a long time, the impression Elena gave others was that she was a powerful warrior, and she never demonstrated any abilities in commanding soldiers. In reality, Elena was quite talented in this field as well.

After all, Elena was the best female rogue in [Rogue Encampment], and she was a leader just next to Military Leader Kashya. She led the rogues to battle the monsters from Hell, and big demons such as Andariel weren’t able to step into [Rogue Encampment] for more than ten years. It wasn’t just because Elena was a powerful warrior; she was also an excellent commander.

However, ever since Elena became intimate with Fei, the king was too powerful and outshined Elena. Therefore, this queen only gave people the impression that she was a warrior.

The person who knew Elena the most was Fei.

Therefore, Fei went against all objections this time and named this wife of his as the head commander to lead the troop of the empire to the Southern Region. He wanted to create an environment where the Valkyrie could showcase her talent.

Now, the goblins were coming at the expeditionary troop with aggression, and it was hard to tell what strength they had. Since Kompany was willing to take the first fight, Elena could use this opportunity to observe the strength of these goblins.

“Generals, supervise and monitor the battle with me!”

Elena and all other commanders in the expeditionary troop walked to the front of the campsite to watch the battle.

Kompany sent out 20,000 elite cavalrymen, and they dashed into the goblin formation right in front of them like a bolt of lightning.

These 20,000 soldiers were in high spirits, and they were unstoppable.

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