Chapter 1158: Traitor?! (Part One)

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Everyone was shocked by this extraordinary battle in the sky.

When this goblin god died, his bones and blood fell on the ground, instantly shattering the land. Then, all the goblins within five kilometers died, and more lava and water shot out of the ground as the land cracked, creating many terrifying and bottomless abysses.

Only the campsite of the expeditionary troop was shielded by the magic array of the Northern Region Empire. Like a lone magical island, the campsite lightly floated above the flames and water.

Everyone inside the campsite felt like their legs were sore and twitching; this scene was too terrifying!

This was the result of Valkyrie Elena and the goblin gods’ battle in the sky; they intentionally moved away from the ground already. If this battle took place on land, this area might have been turned into a giant crater already.


The Valkyrie’s long hair looked like a fire, and she was engulfed in terrifying flames. The ancient spear in her hands was lethal, and it pierced the head of the second goblin god who was engulfed in green energy flames.

The two goblin gods were dead.

Their bodies turned into dust and fell, and their vast and unimaginable godly core energies permeated the air like a thick green fog.

Suddenly, a light appeared, and an invisible energy flashed by.

In the next moment, the core energies that the two goblin gods left in the world disappeared.

The Valkyrie stood in the sky, looking dignified and unrivaled.

After killing two goblin gods, Elena wasn’t injured at all.

Her presence was vast, and she emitted terrifying pressure. Red godly light shot out of her eyes, piercing the cracks in the sky and looking into the void like two sharp swords.

A series of angry roars sounded from afar.

It was clear that other goblin gods were observing the battle, and the strength that Elena showcased shocked them, making them not have the courage to get close to the campsite.

Suddenly, the Valkyrie put away the spear and took out the weapon that she was the most proficient with – her bow.

At this moment, she unleashed radiant light, taking away all the glamor from the world. As if they were looking at the sun in the sky, others couldn’t help but close their eyes.

In this instant, Elena pulled open the bow and loaded the arrows.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three golden light beams shot through the sky.

Wherever they went, the three light beams tore open space and left three black, terrifying, and deep grooves on the ground.

At the same time, a scream sounded from the void about 50 kilometers away.

Green blood dripped down from the sky, and white bone fragments and green flesh fell alongside the blood. Then, a ton of godly essence permeated the air.

Another goblin god was killed!

The Valkyrie’s strike terrified the goblin gods that were lingering in the area. Those lofty existences who were observing from afar instantly dashed away, not daring to stand within 500 kilometers of the campsite.

At the campsite, everyone finally felt safe. The chilly sensation that engulfed their minds completely disappeared.

The expeditionary troop was temporarily safe.

Golden beams shot out of Elena’s eyes, and she scanned the area around the campsite. After making sure that those ill-intentioned figures all left, she dashed down toward the campsite.

A streak of golden flames shot out of the Valkyrie’s body.

The cracked land came back together, and the lava and water were suppressed back into the ground by this force as well.

The only thing was that all the animals and plants in the area died, and the land turned into a desert.

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