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Hail the King Chapter 1158.2

Chapter 1158: Traitor?! (Part Two)

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The white sand grains were everywhere, extending to hundreds of kilometers away. A piece of rich and fertile land became a desert in the end after the godly battle.

The power of gods was terrifying!

“Your Highness!” Everyone at the campsite looked at Elena with respect and welcomed her return.

If it weren’t for the Valkyrie being here, the expeditionary troop would have suffered a big loss, and many casualties wouldn’t be avoided. In fact, the expeditionary troop could have been completely wiped out.

Kompany and his close to 20,000 cavalrymen of Manchester City all felt scared after the battle was over. They almost fell into these despicable goblins’ trap. If it weren’t for Elena, they would have died already.

“In this battle, the Goblin Clan lost more than a million members. Although the grassland within about 50 kilometers turned into a desert, many corpses are buried here. In less than three years, it would transform back into fertile land,” Shaarawy sighed.

Now, everyone was surprised and alarmed. None of them expected that they would run into such a terrifying crisis as soon as they entered the Southern Region.

Some of these people already wanted to retreat. In the beginning, everyone responded to the Holy Church’s summon since they wanted to benefit from this war. They all thought that goblins were unruly and lowly beings. They believed that with their elite troops, it would be easy to destroy the enemies and obtain the victory.

However, this war gave everyone a reality check.

“This is strange. We are less than 50,000 kilometers into the Southern Region, but we encountered such a goblin military. In fact, even goblin gods appeared. Don’t you think that it is strange?” Cassano asked with a frown.

Gerard nodded and replied, “I also find that strange. It seems like the goblins know that we are coming, and they know about our path and our plan. It feels like they set up this trap and were waiting for us to fall into it.”

“Now you say that, I feel the same way!” Ramos of Madrid replied as he pondered.

“Could it be that there is a traitor among us? Feeding information to the goblins?” Kompany of Manchester City shouted.

As soon as Kompany said that, many people’s expressions changed.

The Valkyrie shook her head and said in a calm tone, “We don’t need to talk about that now. The priority is deciding what we should do. Should we continue forward or retreat to Bali Island?”

Elena was direct with her words. “In my opinion, we should instantly retreat and go back to Bali Island. Clearly, we underestimated the Goblin Empire’s military force and high-level combat force. With our current strength, it is impossible to travel forward for 500,000 kilometers and get close to the City of Iduna.”

Elena’s words surprised everyone.

“Retreat? This is only the first battle, and we are talking about retreat already? It is a little too abrupt. What about our peers who are struggling in Iduna? Let alone our honor and pride,” people thought to themselves.

“Since we are hesitating, we can rest here for half a day. Everyone, please think hard on the next step. I won’t force anyone. If you all decide to go forward, I will agree to it.”

After saying that, Elena turned around and left.

“Our clans will follow the humans’ final decision.”

White-Tiger Priestess Susanna and that shy female gnome named Jean looked at each other and didn’t say much more than that.

Then, these two returned to their troops and started to organize everything.

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