Chapter 1159: A Clear Comparison (Part One)

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Now, these people who were left in the tent looked at each other. They could all tell that the Queen of the Northern Region Empire didn’t say those words impulsively; she was really giving these commanders the power to make this decision. However, this made them feel even more serious.

If they continued forward, they might be able to get to the City of Iduna, bringing hope to the people in the Southern Region who were struggling. However, they might also be completely killed by the goblin military that was like an ocean. By then, perhaps only a few supreme masters could escape.

If they retreated, they would be laughed at by the continent, and the Holy Church would grab onto this incident and attack them. Also, if they ever thought about their peers who were dying in the Southern Region later, they would feel ashamed and guilty!

These people were stuck between a rock and a hard place!

“Let’s continue forward.” Gerard was the first to speak, and he broke the silence.

This young lord of Liverpool had the unique persistence and boldness of the people of Liverpool, and he said heroically, “Since we are already in the territory of the Southern Region, we shoulder the responsibility of saving our peers, and we can’t back away. Regardless of how tough and dangerous the path ahead of us is, we have to go to the end! Even if we die in this region, we wouldn’t let the people of the Southern Region down!”

Gerard’s voice resonated in everyone’s ears.

Shaarawy laughed and said, “Great! I agree with moving forward!”

Kompany glanced around and said heroically as well, “The 40,000 cavalrymen of Manchester City are willing to lead the charge! We will charge toward the City of Iduna. Even if we die in the process, we won’t back away!”



“Hahaha! Right! What are we afraid of? The goblins are only dirty and lowly b*stards. If they dare to come again, we will just kill them all.”

The commanders of the various troops from the empires all laughed and became lighthearted after accepting the worst possible outcome of dying here.

These empires that dared to resist the Holy Church all stood on principles and dared to fight against the powerful. These people’s spirits were unyielding, and they would never surrender. Once they made the decision, they couldn’t go back on their words.

“Since this is the case, you can all go back to your tents and organize your troops. I will report to Elena Her Highness, and we will get back on the path tomorrow morning,” Cassano said with a smile.

“Ok!” everyone nodded.

This shocking godly battle that almost destroyed the land didn’t make the expeditionary troop fearful and wanting to retreat. After the initial alarm, the morale of the group skyrocketed, making them more united.

-Further away-

“Ms. Susanna, what do you think?” Seeing the human commanders making the final decision, the shy gnome girl smiled and asked.

It was clear that this girl held a prestigious status among the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance. Even that gnome boy who cussed all the time was completely obedient toward this seemingly shy girl.

“I can only say that the Elf Clan made the right decision.” Priestess Susanna caressed the smooth fur of the giant white tiger beside her and replied gently.

“Human a terrifying race. No wonder this race could continue after that catastrophe 1,000 years ago and became the lord of the continent for the last 1,000 years,” the shy gnome girl murmured while thinking.

“Human is also a complex race. Isn’t the Holy Church a great example?” a trace of mystical glint flashed in Priestess Susanna’s eyes.

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