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Hail the King Chapter 1159.2

Chapter 1159: A Clear Comparison (Part Two)

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“Huh? Did the Elf Clan make a discovery?” the smile on the shy gnome girl’s face started to disappear.

The White-Tiger Priestess still smiled charmingly. She jumped onto the back of the white tiger while replying with a smile, “Although 1,000 years have passed, we were all among the top ten races more than 1,000 years ago, and we worked together before. Since you could find traces of clues, why can’t the Elf Empire make discoveries?”

After Susanna said that, the white tiger roared and carried her back to the troop of the Elf Clan.

“Damn it! What does this woman who doesn’t like to wear clothes mean?” the gnome boy who cussed all the time asked in confusion.

The gnome girl stared at the gnome boy forcefully and replied in anger, “If you curse one more time, I will sew your lips together!”

The gnome boy instantly shut his mouth, looking sad.

-On the path of the other expeditionary troop in the Southern Region-

Within two days of entering the Southern Region, this troop that was made of close to 600,000 people from the Holy Church and the Barcelona Empire also got aggressively attacked by the goblins. It was forced to stay beside a mountain and a lake, putting up a tight defense.

Many poorly-made goblin zeppelins flew in the sky, blocking out the sky and casting many shark-like shadows on the ground.

The campsite of the expeditionary troop was completely surrounded on all four sides, and many human and goblin corpses lay within five kilometers of the campsite.

Many goblins were standing on the corpses like a green ocean wave, and the hungry ones directly chewed on the corpses of humans and their peers. Green and red blood flowed down these goblins’ lips, making them look like demons from Hell.

Various colored magic flames flashed in the sky, and many arrows shot through the air and landed on the goblin zeppelins. However, more and more zeppelins flew over from the horizon and joined the battle.

Terrifying and mystical energies surged in the sky.

The supreme human masters battled with the demi-godly goblins, and both sides suffered many casualties.

However, whenever a goblin died, ten more rushed over to take its place. However, whenever a human died, he became food for the goblins and nurtured the enemies.

The expeditionary troop’s frontline was pressured back repeatedly. Right now, out of 600,000 soldiers, only less than 400,000 remained.

The Holy Church’s residence was in the center of the campsite, and it wasn’t that much affected by the goblins’ attacks. Other human troops resided on the sides, looking like the guards to the Holy Church.

Out of the 200,000 human soldiers who died under the aggressive attacks of the goblins, 99 percent of them came from other empires.

Especially those weaker troops that joined the Holy Church’s side on Bali Island at the last moment, most of them were completely wiped out already. From commanders to soldiers, they all died and didn’t leave a trace of bloodline.

“We can’t last! We will be wiped out if this continues!”

“What should we do? We need to get the masters of the Holy Church to attack the goblins! Otherwise, our campsite will be conquered!”

“Damn it! We are battling to the death, but the soldiers of the Holy Church are sleeping in the center of the campsite! Do our lives worth less than theirs? Do we deserve to die first?”

“Don’t even talk about the Holy Church yet! Even the troops of empires such as Barcelona and Juventus didn’t really battle! They reserved their strength, but we became the sacrificial lamb!”

Many commanders complained.

“Hush! Don’t talk! If those arrogant priests hear you complain, you will die for sure!”

“Now thinking back, I’m full of regret. We should have followed the Northern Region Empire. The Queen of the Northern Region Empire is extraordinarily powerful, and I never heard rumors about the Northern Region Empire being an overbearing bully. Perhaps the situation there is better.”

“It is too late to say that now. Let’s battle with everything that we got! Otherwise, we can’t even survive!”

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