Chapter 1160: Suppression and Resistance (Part One)

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The tragic situation made all the generals and soldiers of various empires who decided to follow the Holy Church feel cold in their hearts.

Without question, they were treated as cannon fodder and tools, and they were used to slow down the goblin military’s endless attacks. On the other hand, the troops of the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus could stay in the center and preserve their strength.

The battle became more and more intense.

More and more goblins appeared, and they couldn’t be all killed.

This war brought people a sense of unprecedented desperation.

It felt like even if everyone died, this war wouldn’t be over.

In the sky, more and more powerful goblins that were engulfed in green energy flames appeared.

“Ah!” While screams resonated in the sky, more human masters were killed on the ground, and they were torn into pieces. Their flesh was devoured by the goblin masters.

Seeing this, many human soldiers were enraged, and their eyes opened so wide that the corners of their eyes cracked.

“No! The goblins broke through the campsite to the northwest!”

While panicking screams sounded, the energy shield created by the magic array in the Sunderland Empire’s campsite in the northwest shattered like a mirror. Then, a large number of goblins rushed in like an endless green flood.

The soldiers of Sunderland who were in blue and white couldn’t do anything. Like small fishing boats in a surging storm on the ocean, they were soon devoured.

“This battle can’t be fought anymore! Retreat! Fall back!” Commander Johnson of Sunderland shouted, and his heart was bleeding.

Among all soldiers of Sunderland who were buried by the goblins, 10,000 of them were the most elite, and the empire poured a lot of resources into them to elevate them to this level. However, they died here without making a big impact.

“Back! Immediately retreat! Don’t fight back!” Johnson roared, and he ordered the less than 1,000 soldiers of Sunderland to retreat toward the campsite of Juventus.

In an instant, the large group of goblins already devoured the campsite of Sunderland.

The shouts and roars of the goblins resonated in the sky.

“How dare you? Who permitted you to retreat?” a shout sounded from the campsite of Juventus.

A muscular man in black and white armor rose from the campsite of Juventus. While he roared, he pulled out the saber on his waist and instantly chopped the dozens of soldiers of Sunderland, who were running in the front, into pieces.

“B*stard! Do you still have humanity in you? You didn’t fight the goblins, and now you are killing your allies?” Johnson was so angry that he shivered unstoppably, and he turned into a streak of light with his sword, attacking this muscular man.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of sparks appeared in the sky.

“Reckless! You are only a low-level commander of a level 8 empire! How dare you attack me, Iaquinta?” this muscular man of Juventus roared.

“You b*stard! You killed my soldiers, and I will kill you!” Johnson was so furious that his eyes turned red.

“Humph! A bunch of defeated soldiers! How dare you escape from battle? You should all be killed and set as examples!” Iaquinta sneered and even provoked by ordering the soldiers of Juventus, “The troop of Juventus, open the magic array and block off the entrance of the campsite. Kill all these cowards of Sunderland who escaped from battle!”

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